For Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers managed in the Cloud Panel

The following Microsoft SQL editions are licensed in Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers according to the core license model:

  • SQL Server 2019 Web Edition

  • SQL Server 2022 Web Edition

  • SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition

  • SQL Server 2022 Standard Edition

The number of core licenses required is determined by the number of cores per processor. The licenses are calculated in packages of 4 core licenses. At least 4 core licenses are required for each CPU. If you increase the number of CPUs and/or cores used, it is possible that you will need additional SQL Server licenses. The additional licenses will be added automatically and invoiced.

Number of cores of a processor Number of required license packages
4 1
6 2
8 2
12 3
20 5
24 6
32 8