You can export MySQL databases located on your managed server using the SSH shell. Running the export via SSH shell is an alternative to running it via phpMyAdmin.

Establish a connection to your server via SSH.

To export, use the command line client mysql. The following example exports a MySQL5 database to the dump.sql file.

Please Note

For MySQL 5.1 databases, the socket /tmp/mysql5.sock belonging to MySQL 5.1 must also be specified. This step is not necessary for MySQL 5.5 databases.

For MySQL 5.1:
mysqldump --host=localhost --user=dbo123456789 --password=******** -S /tmp/mysql5.sock db123456789 > dump.sql
For MySQL 5.5:
mysqldump --host=localhost --user=dbo123456789 --password=******** db123456789 > dump.sql
Parameters Description
--host= Here localhost must remain
--user= your database username
--password= your database password
/tmp/mysql5.sock Necessary for MySQL5 databases. If you are still using MySQL4 databases, please ignore this addition.
db123456789 your database name
dump.sql The name of the backup file to import