Creating a Private Network

You can use a private network to divide your existing network into several logical networks. This division allows you more flexibility if you want to assign your servers to individual network segments. In addition, you can increase the performance of your network by prioritizing certain data packages and by the reduction of broadcasts.

Step 1

In the left menu, click Network > Private Network.

Step 2

Click Create.

Step 3

Enter the desired name for the private network.

  • Enter the desired network address.

  • Enter the desired subnet mask.

Please note: You can use the entered network address and subnet mask to make it easier to identify the private network.

Please note: To configure the network address and subnet mask, you must log in to the relevant server and enter the correct values.

Step 4

In the Advanced Options section, click Show.

Step 5

Select the desired data center.

Step 6

Click Create.

The private network has been created.