For Dedicated Servers acquired after 28/10/2018

If you are using a Dedicated Server, you have the option of just restarting the operating system or rebooting into the rescue system. In the rescue system, you can check your server independently of your server configuration. To reboot your server, proceed as follows:


You are in the Infrastructure Servers section of the Cloud Panel.

  • In the list, click the server you would like to restart.

  • Click Actions.

  • Click Restart.

  • Select the desired restart method:

    • Current operating system: All running processes are terminated. The operating system is then restarted.

    • Rescue System: All running processes are terminated. This server is then booted into the rescue system. Once the current operating system has started, you will be shown how to log into the rescue system.

Please Note

To avoid boot problems, you should always boot from normal mode to the rescue system. If it has already been booted into the rescue system, first go into the current operating system installed on it. Once the current operating system has started, then restart the rescue system.

  • Click Yes.

The server will now restart.