In simple terms, SSL certificates are text files with encrypted data that you install on your server to secure/encrypt communication between your website and your visitors (customers). To create a certificate file for the desired domain, set up the certificate in your IONOS account. With this setup, you will receive your public key (the SSL certificate) as well as your personal, private key.

Setting Up an SSL Certificate

  • Log in to your IONOS account using this link. You will be automatically redirected to the overview of your SSL certificates.

    Alternatively, go to the Domains & SSL section of your account and click on the Manage SSL Certificates button.
  • Click on the gear icon next to the desired SSL certificate and select the Set up SSL certificate action.

Please Note

If this action is not available, you have already assigned the selected SSL certificate to another domain. In this case, you must either unassign the domain or order another SSL certificate before continuing with the setup.

  • Enter the domain to which the certificate is to be issued in the Domain field.

  • Make sure that the Use with my own server setting is selected as the intended use.

  • Accept the terms of use by clicking the appropriate checkbox.

  • Click on Set Up SSL Certificate.

    The SSL certificate will now be issued immediately.

Please Note

If you want to issue a QuickSSL Premium certificate for a domain registered with another provider, an additional confirmation is required. GeoTrust will send you an email with a confirmation link.

  • Click on Download Private Key and save the key on your computer.

  • Attention
  • You can only use the SSL certificate with the private key. For security reasons, the private key is not stored by IONOS or GeoTrust. Therefore, keep the private key safe!

Additional Information

Once the setup is complete, you can download your certificate files and transfer them to your server.

Instructions for installing the SSL certificate on various platforms and operating systems can be found on this page from our SSL partner Digicert.