After ordering the SSL certificate, you can perform the SSL setup in IONOS. Pay special attention to the status messages from DigiCert customer support. They contain important information that may need action in some cases.

Domain Validation

  • The certification authority will send you an email with a confirmation link to the following addresses under your domain:


    Please note: Make sure that one of the above addresses is set up with a mailbox or that the emails are forwarded to your primary email address.

  • Make sure that the Whois data is public (no private registration). This way DigiCert can easily recognize whether the information about the company in the Whois data matches that in the certificate order.

    Please note: If you register privately, we automatically create the hostmaster email address "at" the domain selected for use with the SSL. Incoming mail to the hostmaster email address is forwarded to the contact e-mail for your IONOS account, as DigiCert will request confirmation from the owner by email.

  • When ordering the certificate, make sure that the information on Reg-C matches the current information in the Whois data.

  • Enter telephone and fax numbers in international format, such as +44.123456789.

Organisation Validation

  • It is beneficial if your company is registered in the commercial registry. DigiCert searches the web for publicly available information about your company during the corporate validation phase.
  • Make sure that there are telephone numbers available on your website or other publications on the internet.
  • The more consistent and transparent the information about your company, the better.

Telephone Verification

  • Make sure that calls to your published phone numbers are answered by employees of your company or by yourself.
  • It is recommended that you inform your employees who answer phone calls that Geotrust/DigiCert may call for verification.
  • Look for emails from GeoTrust to schedule a verification call. Respond to appropriate emails and be ready to take the call at the agreed time.