Unwanted newsletters

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You receive newsletters from different senders and do not want to receive any further newsletters? There is no blanket option to unsubscribe from all newsletters at once. Each newsletter subscription must be cancelled per sender.

Please note: This article describes the options for unsubscribing from a newsletter that was previously requested. If you receive newsletters for which you have never given your consent, it is spam. You can find out what you can do against spam in the article activate Anti-SPAM in WebMail.

Regular Unsubscription

Serious newsletters contain a link to the so-called "One-Click-Unsubscribe". The newsletter subscriber is thus given the opportunity to unsubscribe from the list of recipients. Usually this unsubscribe link is at the end of a newsletter.

Write an email to the sender

If for technical reasons a "One-Click-Unsubscribe" is not possible, the sender often offers to simply reply to the email in order to delete it from the recipient list.

Write an email to the person responsible

Every website of a German company is obliged to provide an email address in the imprint in order to enable simple contact. Go to the company's website and write to the email address stored in the imprint with the wish not to receive any further newsletters.

Tip: As it is not legally regulated in every country to mention contact possibilities in the imprint, you can determine a contact address with a WHOIS query of the domain. This can be done online at: http://whois.icann.org/.

Alternative: Mark the newsletter as spam

If all attempts fail and newsletters continue to be sent to you, mark the message as spam. The provider via which the newsletter was sent receives a message. If such hints accumulate, the provider will contact the sender himself.