Creating Product Types in Your eShop

Valid for eShops ordered before 20.09.2017

You can add variations to a product to offer a jacket, for example, in different colours and sizes.

  • You have created a product in your eShop, such as a jacket.

  • You have created a product type in your eShop, such as a Jacket with the attributes colours and sizes.

Step 1

Log in to IONOS and select the relevant contract.

Step 2

In the Online Marketing area, click on eShop.

Step 3

Click Manage eShop.

Step 4

Select Products > Products from the main menu.

Step 5

Click on the article number of the product to which you want to add variations.

Step 6

Click on the Variations tab.

Step 7

Click Start Variation Wizard.

Step 8

Select the product type.
Activate the Generate Variations with this attribute option for all attributes for which variations are to be created. Then, click Next.

Step 9

Activate all variations you want to offer in the list.
If you want these variations to be visible immediately in your eShop, activate the option Make the resulting variation products visible.
Then click Next.

Step 10

Specify how the variations in your shop should be displayed. Then, click Finish.

Variation products are created for all variations that result from the combination of attribute values. An overview appears showing all variation products.

Please note: You can edit the variation products at any time, e.g. to add pictures, change the price or the stock. To do this, click on the article number of the variation product.