We recommend that you consider the following points as you prepare for the initial interview with the Website Design team:

  • Check the meeting link you receive from IONOS. Test the link in your browser or in the app you are using.

  • Think about how you can explain your business concept in 10 seconds.

  • Think about what content is most important to you and how to best distribute that content across the number of pages you have chosen.

  • Determine important design guidelines. For example, consider whether certain colours in your logo should be used on your website. If necessary, make sure that your company's corporate identity is taken into account.

  • Consider what you want to showcase on the website to promote your company's customer loyalty.

  • Are there keywords you want the website design service to consider?

  • If you use images and graphics, you should make sure you do not infringe on copyright and licensing rights. This also applies if you want to use texts from other sources on your website.

  • When selecting images and graphics, make sure that they are either royalty-free or that you have purchased the necessary licenses. We will be happy to search for suitable images, graphics or videos for you in our database.

  • Upload images, logos and text, if applicable, prior to the initial consultation so that the website design team can create an optimal design.

Important notes on images and logos

The following file formats are accepted for images and graphics: JPG, JPEG or PNG

For logos, you can alternatively use the following formats: AI, EPS, PDF

In addition, please note the following maximum image sizes:

Usage Maximum size
Images for the content area in mobile and tablet view Maximum width: 750 pixels
Images for the content area in full width Maximum width: 1500 pixels
Images for the title area Maximum width: 1920 pixels
Images for full HD view 1920 x 180 pixels
Images for UHD view 3840 x 1160 pixels