Legal Notices for the MyWebsite and Website Design Service

For the Website Builder, MyWebsite Creator and Website Design Service

The imprint obligation is obligatory for service providers (e.g. companies, associations, blogs) according to §5 and §6 of the Telemedia Act.

Do you use a guestbook, a newsletter or a forum on your private page? Then you also need an imprint on your private website.

Creating a Company Imprint Page

You can create an imprint page at any time using the template. Please adapt the template to the specifications for companies or associations. In the following we will show you two examples.

Required information for a limited liability company:

Your company UK-Ltd.
Sample street 1
AA0A 0AA Anycity
Phone + 44 0333 1234


Commercial register: model city 123456

VAT ID No.: 123 4567 89

Managing Director:
John Doe
Fred Bloggs

Required information for an association:

Your association
Sample street 12
AA0A 0AA Anycity

of associations entry: 1234 of 1 January 2000

1st board: John Doe
2nd board: Fred Bloggs

Further information on this topic can be found here: Telemedia Act