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IONOS and MongoDB form strategic partnership

IONOS and MongoDB, Inc. (NASDAQ: MDB) have formed a strategic partnership to extend IONOS’ Database-as-a-Service offering.

IONOS and MongoDB, Inc. (NASDAQ: MDB) have formed a strategic partnership to extend IONOS’ Database-as-a-Service offering. MongoDB is the world’s most popular database and has a huge developer community. Its software has been downloaded over 265 million times. Over the last five years, MongoDB has been consistently voted the “most wanted” database by developers via Stack Overflow. 

“We want to offer our customers the opportunity to use best-in-class solutions. With MongoDB, we are now integrating a cloud-native offering from the global leader in the NoSQL segment,” said Martin Endress, Chief Customer Officer at IONOS. “In addition, our companies share fundamental values such as a commitment to full data portability and a rejection of vendor lock-in.”

Working together, IONOS and MongoDB will be able to provide organisations the ability to innovate and build modern applications with all the advantages of the cloud. MongoDB’s developer data platform provides a modern, elegant experience and covers a wide variety of use cases to allow developers to focus on creating compelling customer experiences, enabling new capabilities to transform businesses, and increasing operational efficiency via more sophisticated automation.

 As a document database, MongoDB stores information in documents, which makes it intuitive, flexible and scalable to empower developers to create, transform and disrupt. This makes them suitable for applications that need to handle large amounts of data, such as Big Data analytics or business intelligence applications.

MongoDB-as-a-Service available in the fall

The MongoDB-as-a-Service on IONOS is based on strong security and privacy foundations that meet organisation’s needs for both innovation and data sovereignty and compliance. In addition to offering MongoDB on IONOS, the partnership will see both companies work together to provide direct support for organisations implementing the solution. 

“Organisations are increasingly defined by the software they build and the applications they offer their customers, and highly regulated industries are no different. We don’t believe that compliance, security and innovation need to be at odds with each other,” said Oliver Wedell, Regional Vice President of Central Europe, MongoDB. “Working with IONOS locally, we can provide developers in highly regulated European sectors with access to a data platform that they can build, deploy and run powerful applications on securely.” 

The partnership included the joint implementation of the MongoDB service on the IONOS cloud, as well as technical support from MongoDB and joint marketing activities. Development of the service has already begun, with a launch planned for this autumn. Both a community and enterprise variant will be available.

More information here: IONOS MongoDB

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