Back Up and Restore DNS zones

Create backups of the DNS zones managed in your IONOS account to quickly and easily restore your DNS settings at any time.

    • You use the DNS Pro add-on feature.

    Edit DNS Settings

    The function described in this article can be found in the DNS settings in your IONOS account.

    Log In Now and Open DNS SettingsOpen DNS Settings Now

    Creating a Backup of DNS Zones

    • Open the DNS settings for the desired domain.
    • Click on DNS BackupThe Create DNS Backup page will be displayed.
    • Enter the desired name for the backup.
    • Optional: Enter a description text.
    • Click Create Backup.

      The backup is now created.

    Restoring DNS Zones


    When restoring a backup, all existing zone data is overwritten!

    • Open the DNS settings for the desired domain.
    • Click Restore DNS. Note that this button is only displayed if a backup exists. The Backup Overview will be displayed.
    • Click the arrow icon next to the backup you want to use for the restore. An overview of the zone data stored in the backup will be displayed.
    • To restore your DNS zone from the backup, click Restore.

    Deleting Backups

    • Open the Backup overview.
    • Click on the trash can icon next to the backup you want to delete.
    • To remove the backup, click Delete.

      The backup is now deleted.

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