Modifying a Domain's Destination

From time to time, you may change your mind on how you would like to use your domain. For example, you may want to use a Wordpress blog instead of a MyWebsite Creator or have a domain that was forwarded externally point to a folder in your webspace instead.

Of course, you can change how you use your domain at any time. However, the way you do so depends on how the domain is currently set up.

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Overview of the Types of Domain Use

IONOS distinguishes between three types of domain usage:

  • Simple types of domain usage: A domain forwarding or connection to your webspace
  • Managed uses of the domain: When a domain is assigned to an application from IONOS such as a website builder, MyWebsite Creator, or an Online Store
  • DNS-based usage types: The domain points to another server via DNS

Tip: These instructions work best with a domain selected.

Simple Types of Use

The following usage types are considered simple:

  • Connection to your webspace
  • Forwarding (as HTTP forwarding or FRAME forwarding)
  • Linking to social media profile pages via forwarding

The currently selected domain appears to be used in this way.

If your domain is being used in any of these ways, you can easily change the way it's used in any way you want without having to do anything else.

Change Domain Usage

Managed Usage Types

The following usage types are considered Managed:

  • MyWebsite Creator
  • IONOS Website-Builder, WebsiteBuilder
  • eShop
  • Applications from the App Centre

The currently selected domain appears to be managed.

If you use a domain with a managed usage type and want to use this domain differently in the future, you must first remove/disconnect the current usage type. This is regardless of what the new usage type will be.

You can change the usage type in the overview of the application to which the domain is connected. To do this, follow this link to the application.

You can change the usage type by disconnecting the domain from the application it is currently using.

DNS-Based Usage Types

The following usage types are considered DNS-based:

  • Using non-IONOS name servers
  • Using a different IP address (A/AAAA record)
  • Using a CNAME
  • Connection to an external website based on DNS (such as Wix, Weebly, Jimdo, etc.)
  • Domain Parking at SEDO

The currently selected domain appears to be used in this way.

If you use a domain with one of these usage types and want to change the usage, it is recommended to reset the existing usage type back to the IONOS default settings.

Reset Usage Type

See the article Resetting your domain's settings for additional information on this topic.

Deactivating SEDO Domain Parking (Special Cases)

To disable SEDO Parking for your domain, create a .htaccess file with the following content:

ErrorDocument 503 "Server broken"
ErrorDocument 500 "Server broken"
ErrorDocument 404 "File not found"
ErrorDocument 403 "Permission denied"
ErrorDocument 401 "Authentication required"

Additional information about creating a .htaccess file can be found in the following help category: Hosting > Other Scripting and Programming Languages > .htaccess.

For any additional questions, feel free to contact IONOS Customer Service at any time.

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