Ordering a Domain for Multiple Years

You can register a domain with IONOS for multiple years in advance. When the domain reaches the end of it's registration term, the domain registration is automatically extended by an additional year. This automatic extension option is activated by default for every domain.

If you register your domain for for mutltiple years in advance, you may be able to take advantage of various money-saving special offers. These offers are valid on select TLDs for orders placed on our website as well as for orders placed in IONOS.

By registering your domain for multiple years in advance, you can lock in the current registration price for the domain and avoid any potential price increase that occurs in the future.


Four months before the end of your domain's registration term, you extend your domain by an additional 2 years. The total registration term for your domain then becomes 2 years and 4 months.

Ordering a Domain as a IONOS Customer

As a IONOS customer, you can add as many domains as you need to your contracts. We recommend that you start a domain transfer in IONOS. The article Ordering a Domain as a IONOS Customer shows you the steps required to do so.