Domains can be set to cancel on their expiry date or immediately:

  • If set to cancel on expiry, you can revoke the cancellation before this date by Enabling Domain Autorenewal.
  • If set to cancel immediately, the domain will be removed from your Control Panel and must be reactivated (see below).

Reactivating a Cancelled Domain

If the domain cancellation has already completed, you may still be able to reactivate your domain under certain conditions:

  • You can reactivate your domain within 10 days of cancellation and renew it for another year at the standard renewal cost.
  • Generic & New Top Level Domains: As of day 11, the cancellation can only be revoked for a period of time by contacting IONOS Customer Support. A one-time ‘Restoration’ fee of £90 + VAT is charged in addition to the standard renewal fee.
  • .uk Domains: As of day 11, the domain can be restored by transferring it into an active contract within the same account. The domain will be renewed for a further year for the standard renewal fee.

Additional Guidance

If reactivated within the 10-day ‘Revive’ period, the DNS is restored and the domain is automatically reconnected to its existing services.

If reactivated after cancellation, the DNS is restored to the IONOS default settings. You will need to reapply any custom DNS settings in place prior to the cancellation or reconnect the domain to your existing hosting package to reactivate your services.

Once cancelled, Generic & New Top-Level Domains enter a Redemption grace period of 30 days as defined by ICANN. In this phase, the domain reverts to the relevant registry’s control and IONOS must pay a fee to recover it. You must therefore agree to the non-refundable redemption fee when initiating your request.

Please Note

Once restored, all domains are renewed for one additional year and auto-renew is enabled by default.