DNSSEC with External Name Servers

In addition to the provision of the DNSSEC service, the use of DNSSEC also requires the domain registrar (such as IONOS) to assign a DS Resource Record (also known as DS Record).

If you use a domain registered through IONOS with external name servers and want to use the DNSSEC service of your DNS provider, please contact our customer service so that we can set up the DS record for you.

1. Collect the information required for the DS record

In order for us to set up the DS Record for you, please collect the information required in the following format:

"extensions": {
"secDns": {
"dsData": [{





"keyData": {






Please ask your webmaster or hosting provider to supply the information in the format above.

2. Contact IONOS Customer Service

To set up the DS record, please send us a request by email to transfer@ionos.co.uk.

To help us process your request quickly, please use "Manual DS record required for external DNS provider" as the subject line.


If you've protected your domain with Domain Guard, you need to disable it before we can set up the DS Record for you.

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