Setting Up Microsoft® Exchange 2019 in Apple Mail

For Microsoft Exchange 2019 and macOS Catalina

This article explains how to set up Microsoft Exchange 2019 in Apple Mail.

Microsoft Exchange 2019 lets you sync your email, calendar, and contacts on your Mac.

Please Note
  • For instructions on how to set up Microsoft Exchange 2019 on iOS (iPhones and iPads), see the following article:

    Setting up Microsoft Exchange 2019 under iOS

  • If the setup of Microsoft Exchange 2019 in Apple Mail fails, check whether an Autodiscover entry has been created in the DNS settings of your domain. If there is no Autodiscover entry for your domain, you can create one.

    More information can be found here:

    Checking Your Domain's Autodiscover Settings

  • Open the System Preferences via the Dock of macOS Catalina.

  • Select the menu item Internet accounts in the System Settings section.

  • Click Exchange.

  • Enter the desired name and your Exchange 2019 email address.

  • Click Sign in.

  • Click Configure Manually.

  • In the Password field, enter the password of your Microsoft Exchange account and click Sign In.

  • Select the apps you want to use with your Microsoft Exchange 2019 account.

  • Click on Done.

The Microsoft Exchange 2019 account is set up.