All Important Information About Push Notifications in the Your Browser

Keep track of important events in your IONOS account

With push notifications, you will always have the most important and up-to-date information about your IONOS products available. It doesn't matter if you're logged in to IONOS in the mobile app, or at home on your desktop PC or notebook/laptop. Click on the respective push notification to go immediately to the related section of your account.

The push notifications are displayed right in your browser. The layout of the messages depend on your browser and operating system.


  • Not all browsers support the use of push notifications. So-called "Extended Support Versions", for example Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release), do not support push messages inherently. An overview of the browsers that support this function can be found at

  • Push notifications cannot be enabled and used in private mode or incognito mode.

  • If you have blocked notifications in your browser, we will not be able to send you push notifications.

Simply activate the push notifications for the desired device and you will immediately receive messages on all topics you have activated. The following topics are currently available:

  • Websites - All information about your website, such as status changes to the Website-Checker
  • Invoices and Contract - All information about contract changes and invoices
  • Offers and Promotions - All information about IONOS special offers and other IONOS products at a discounted price
  • Status Page - information on malfunctions of IONOS products and services

Don't worry. We'll only send you push notifications about very important events, such as:

  • Performance Level Hosting limit being exceeded
  • New comment or new image via List Local
  • New daily record for website visitors
  • Change of website checker score for websites monitored with IONOS Mobile App
  • New invoice or credit memo is available

Additional Features and Benefits When Using Safari in MacOS

Push notifications sent in the Safari browser are more closely integrated into the operating system under macOS. This results in the following advantages for you:

  • Additional settings for push notifications are available in the Message Center.
  • Push notifications can be received when Safari is not open.
  • Push notifications can also be displayed in the lock screen.

In the article Activate Push Messages in Browser, we show you how easy the activation is.

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