Managing a Google Business Profile with rankingCoach

With a Google Business Profile, you control what is displayed about your company in a Google search and on Google Maps. rankingCoach helps you to create the Google Business Profile or to integrate an existing profile and to use it optimally. This article explains how to do it.


Connecting a Google Business Profile

To create a new Google Business Profile with rankingCoach, simply follow these steps:

  • Open rankingCoach from your IONOS account.
  • From the rankingCoach menu, click Online Presence > Listings and Publishing.
  • In the Google Business Profile row, click the Connect button.
  • Select the Create a business profile link if you want to create a new Google Business Profile.
  • Alternatively, if your existing rankingCoach company data matches an already created Google Business Profile, it will be suggested for use. Select the profile with the This is my company button and log in with your Google account.
  • Alternatively: Use the Connect a profile button to link an existing Google Business Profile directly to rankingCoach.
  • Add the following data of your company: Opening times, business description, company logo, main company picture, and a photo gallery

Take note that your entries still need to be verified before appearing in Google search results. The initial publication can take up to three days.