For VPS purchased after 16/05/2023

You can restore your VPS by installing an image. You can use your own images or images provided by IONOS for this purpose. This article tells you how to reinstall an image on an existing VPS:


When you reinstall an image on an existing server, all existing data on the server is irretrievably deleted and replaced with the data from the newly installed image. This process cannot be undone. Make sure that a backup of the server is made before installing the image. Otherwise, there is a risk of data loss.

  • While an image is being created, the corresponding server cannot be edited.

  • The credentials are identical to those of the server from which the image was created.

  • If you create an image from a server on which Plesk Obsidian is installed and use this image in the Cloud Panel to restore another server, you must change the Plesk activation code on the newly created server in the Plesk license settings. You can find instructions here:

    Changing the Plesk Activation Code (Plesk Obsidian)

To reinstall an image, follow the steps below.

  • Log in to your IONOS account.
  • Click on the Server & Cloud tile. If you have multiple server contracts, select the desired Server & Cloud contract.

  • Select the desired server.

  • Click Actions.

  • Click Reinstall Image.

  • Select the desired image. The IONOS Images tab displays images of various operating systems that are provided to you by IONOS. The My Images tab displays images that you have created yourself from your VPS.

  • Optional: In the Advanced Options section, click Show.

  • This step is possible only after selecting a IONOS image: In the Password field, enter the password for accessing the server and repeat it.

  • This step is possible only after selecting a IONOS image that contains a Linux distribution: To configure your server individually after the reinstallation, add the desired post-creation script in the User Data field.

  • Click Reinstall Image.

The server will be reinstalled. This process may take a few minutes.