Changing the Windows Server 2019/2022 Administrator Password

For servers running Microsoft Windows Server 2019 or 2022

Learn how to change the administrator password of your Windows server.

  • Log in to the desired server as an administrator.

  • To open Windows Settings, type the word Settings in the search bar located on the taskbar. Alternatively, click Start > Settings.

  • Click Accounts.

  • Click Sign-in Options.

  • Scroll to the Password section and click Change.

  • Enter your current password and click Next.

  • Enter the new password and repeat it.

  • Enter a password hint and click Next.

  • Click Finish.

Instructions on how to reset your server's administrator password if, for example, you have misplaced it can be found here:

Reset Administrator Password (Cloud Server and vServer).

Resetting the administrator password using the Windows Rescue System (Dedicated Server Windows)

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