For Website Design Service

Using the Upload Centre, you can upload required files such as company logos, images, or documents to integrate them on your website. With the help of your company logo, legal notice, privacy policy, and individual images and texts, the website design team can create a professional and unique website.

To upload files and documents in the Upload Centre, simply follow the steps below.

Please Note

The CoOperator offers you the possibility to change the language settings of the application. You can find out how to change the language settings in the following article:

Using the CoOperator

  • Log in to your IONOS account.
  • Click Menu > Websites & Stores in the title bar.

  • Click on the tile of your website design service contract.

  • To open the CoOperator, click Have website edited in the upper-right corner.

  • In the navigation bar on the left, click Upload Centre.

  • To upload a file or multiple files, click + Upload.

Alternatively, you can select the desired files in your file manager and drag and drop them into this view. In this case, the next step is omitted.

  • Select the desired file and click Open.

The file or files are uploaded.

Please Note

You can delete accidentally uploaded or corrupted files at any time in the Upload Centre.

Important Information About Supported File Formats

The following file formats are supported by the Upload Centre:

Type File formats
Graphic formats ✔ jpg, jpeg, jpe
✔ gif
✔ png
✔ bmp
✔ tiff, tif
✔ webp
✔ ico
✔ heic
Video formats ✔ asf, asx
✔ wmv
✔ wmx
✔ wm
✔ avi
✔ divx
✔ flv
✔ mov, qt
✔ mpeg, mpg, mpe
✔ mp4, m4v
✔ ogv
✔ webm
✔ mkv
✔ 3gp, 3gpp
✔ 3g2, 3gp2
Text formats ✔ txt, asc, c, cc, h, srt
✔ csv
✔ tsv
✔ ics
✔ rtx
✔ css
✔ htm, html
✔ vtt
✔ dfxp
Audio formats ✔ mp3, m4a, m4b
✔ aac
✔ ra, ram
✔ wav
✔ ogg, oga
✔ flac
✔ mid, midi
✔ wma
✔ wax
✔ mka
Miscellaneous application formats ✔ rtf
✔ pdf
✔ tar
✔ zip
✔ gz, gzip
✔ rar
✔ 7z
✔ psd
✔ xcf
Microsoft Office formats ✔ doc
✔ pot, pps, ppt
✔ wri
✔ xls, xlt, xlw
✔ mdb
✔ mpp
✔ docx
✔ dotx
✔ xlsx
✔ xltx
✔ pptx
✔ ppsx
✔ potx
✔ sldx
✔ onetoc, onetoc2, onetmp, onepkg
✔ oxps
✔ xps
OpenOffice formats ✔ odt
✔ odp
✔ ods
✔ odg
✔ odc
✔ odb
✔ odf
WordPerfect formats ✔ wp, wpd
iWork formats ✔ key
✔ numbers
✔ pages