With My Apps, you can easily extend the functionality of MyWebsite Now. The additional options are made available to you through the MyWebsite Now editor after activation. This article explains how to select and configure the desired extensions.

Please Note

Which extensions are available depends on the MyWebsite Now package you are using. Extensions cannot be ordered individually.

Opening My Apps

You can open My Apps through the Presence Suite navigation bar. Learn how to open Presence Suite in this article. The following selection options are displayed in the details area:

  • My Apps: Lists all extensions that you have installed.
  • All Apps: Overview of all available extensions.

Selecting and Activating Extensions

After clicking the My Apps menu item in the Presence Suite navigation bar, all available extensions are displayed. To get more information about individual apps, click the More details button in the respective tile.

To use an extension for your online project, click the Activate button. The functionalities of the extensions are thereby immediately made available to you in the MyWebsite Now editor.

If further configuration steps are required, e.g. setting up a payment function, these will also be made available to you via the extension's tile. Please note that the extension must be active for this.

Benefits of the Extensions

If an extension is activated, the functionalities are available in the MyWebsite Now editor. You place them on your website like other elements, such as images.