The Presence Suite is the control center for your online project. It brings together everything in one place you need to plan, create, and optimise your website.

The good thing about it: You don't need any programming or technical knowledge to get started online. The Presence Suite provides all the information you need, often in the form of simple step-by-step instructions.

If things do get more complicated, you will find experienced and knowledgeable contacts through your Personal Consultant or at IONOS Customer Support.

Presence Suite: One Place - Many Possibilities

The central Dashboard contains all of the most important data and links to your online project:

  • Get recommendations for your next to-dos.
  • Improve your success with visitor statistics, search engine optimisation (SEO), and customer reviews.
  • Install extensions using the MyApps menu item that expand the functionality of your website project.

To learn how to open Presence Suite, see the article Opening the Presence Suite.

Overview of the Presence Suite

  • Navigation menu
    Includes the most important elements relevant to your online project.
  • Recommended Activities
    Suggested solutions and advice specifically tailored to your website. This way you can develop your online project even without expert knowledge.
  • News from the project
    Current view and the latest information of your online project.
  • Information and analysis
    How many visitors are on your website? Where is the website in Google search results? What do your customers write about your business?
  • Useful extensions
    With MyApps, you can extend the functionality of your website.
  • Personal Consultant and Help
    Request support or read about it yourself here in the Help Centre.
  • My Account
    Directly access your IONOS account.

Navigation Menu

Use the navigation to go directly to the editor of MyWebsite Now (Website), visitor statistics (Analytics) and Online Marketing, as well as your online store management (My Shop). You can change the address data displayed on your MyWebsite Now using the Business Profile menu item. Please note that your IONOS account details or billing address can only be changed through your Control Panel.

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Recommended Actions

Recommended Actions guide you through the entire "life" of your website. They show you everything important from the initial publication to the optimisation of your finished online project.

Project Status

The Project Status tile shows you the current start page of your online project.

A news ticker additionally provides you with the most important information to quickly find out what is currently happening.

Information and Analytics

The Analytics menu item takes you to the performance measurement for your online project. The overview page tells you the most important key figures, such as visitors. With one click, you can refine the data displayed and get even more comprehensive information.

Using the same principle, you can gain insights into search engine optimisation (SEO) under Online Marketing. Customer reviews and competitor actions in social media.

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Enhancing the Functionality with MyApps

The editor of MyWebsite Now is continuously developed to reflect new requirements of your online project.

In addition, IONOS offers you the possibility to extend the functionality of your website with MyApps, e.g. with special industry-specific solutions. Depending on the chosen MyWebsite Now package, certain extensions are directly available and can be used right in the website editor after a one-click activation.

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Personal Consultant and Additional Help

With recommended activities, articles from the Help Centre, and a personal support contact, IONOS actively supports you in the development of your online project:


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