Folders in your QNAP NAS can be backed up automatically to HiDrive. This article explains how to set up this backup.

Please note that there are separate articles for the backups of HiDrive Cloud Storage and devices (Android, iOS, and Windows).

  • Active FTP protocol: This is available in the HiDrive Pro package or the Additional Protocols extension to another HiDrive package.
  • A HiDrive folder in which the data of your QNAP NAS is stored. For more information on folders, please refer to the article Sharing folders in HiDrive for data upload.

Setting Up Backups for QNAP NAS

Guided Steps
  • Log in to the user interface of your QNAP NAS through an Internet browser.
  • Open Backup Manager > Remote Replication > RTRR (Two-way Synchronization ...) .
  • Click the Create a replication job button in the details pane. The Synchronization Job Wizard will be launched.
  • In the Select Synchronization Locations step, check Synchronize and Local Folder to Remote Folder.
  • In the Configure external host settings step, enter your HiDrive FTP data. These can be taken from the article Using HiDrive with FTP/SFTP.
  • Optional: Use the Test button to check your entries.
  • In the Configure multiple folder pairs step, select source and destination folders for your backup job. You can define multiple folder pairs in this step.
  • In the Replication Options step, specify the Real-time or Schedule backup type and, if required, rules and filters for the use of this backup job.
  • Specify a name for your backup. Click the Next button to complete the job creation.

Your backup job is displayed in the QNAP user interface under Backup Manager > Remote Replication >RTRR (Two-way Synchronization ...). The icons in the Action column provide you with additional job options, such as immediate start or logs.