With the free HiDrive app for iOS, you can use the functions of HiDrive from any iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad. In this article, we'll explain the different features of the app.

If you instead would like to see the corresponding information for the Android app, please see the article Using the HiDrive App with Android Devices.


Viewing Files

After launching the iOS HiDrive app, your data will be displayed. Open your files or folders simply by tapping on them.

Files and folders are displayed either as thumbnails or in lists, and you can change this view through the view settings icon in the top right of the menu bar.

Uploading Files

  • Open the iOS HiDrive app.
  • Switch to the folder to which you want to upload files.
  • Tap on 3-dot symbol > Upload. Please note that you need to have write permissions for this folder to see this 3-dot icon.
  • Select an origin and the desired object to upload.

Sharing Files/Folders

  • Open the iOS HiDrive app.
  • Tap the 3-dot icon to the right of the file or folder you want to share.
  • Tap Share.
  • Select one of the options.

Please note that sharing multiple items at once can only be done by sharing their corresponding folder. To do this, move all objects in a folder and share it. Alternatively, you can compress all of the files you want to share into a .zip file and share it instead.

An overview of all permitted shares can be found in the main menu on the left side of the screen under Shared.

Additional Sharing Options

Advanced sharing options are available by going to the Share Icon > Edit Sharing. For more details, see the article Sharing Sharing HiDrive Files and Folders.

Playing Music and Videos

You can play music and video files directly with the HiDrive app. To do this, just tap on the desired file. Please note that the corresponding media type must already be supported by your device.

Deleting Files or Folders

To delete files or folders, tap the 3-dot menu on the right side of the object. Select Delete and confirm the operation.

App Settings

You can tap Settings in the main menu at the bottom of the screen to define the behaviour of HiDrive in certain situations:

  • Upload photos automatically: Photos and/or videos from your smartphone are automatically uploaded to HiDrive. For more information, see the article Backing up photos and videos on smartphone or tablet.
  • Device Backup: Allows you to back up important data of your iOS device as described in the article Creating an Apple iOS Device Backup.
  • Data Encryption: Allows you to encrypt data as described in the article Using HiDrive Encryption (iOS).
  • PIN protection: Secures your HiDrive app with a PIN code. This must be entered when starting the app to gain access.
  • Privacy Settings: Enable or disable the Required data collection and Analysis of data collection settings to suit your needs. These control the amount of internal data submitted to IONOS for bugs and improvement analysis.
  • Show File Extensions: If enabled, file extensions, such as PDF or JPG, will be displayed in the app.
  • Show thumbnails: When enabled, thumbnails are displayed by default. This increases the consumption of your data volume.
  • Help: Opens this article on your smartphone.
  • Imprint: Displays the imprint details of IONOS.
  • Privacy Policy: Opens a new window with data protection information on the use of the HiDrive app.
  • Open Source Licenses: Lists all open source software components used.