This article provides an overview of the various IONOS accounts you may need to access and shows additional possible solutions for logon problems.

Some products from IONOS use their own systems for the login process. Logging in to the corresponding system must accordingly be made with the correct user-password combination that has been defined for it.

If you run into problems during login, first check whether you are logging in with the correct credentials.

IONOS Account

Manage your IONOS account, contracts, and other related content, such as domains and email addresses.

You can log in with your account number, email address, or a domain. If you want to log in with your email address, it needs to be the email address saved in your IONOS account contact details: Menu > My Account >My Customer Data > Contact .


The online mailbox for your IONOS email address.

Please note that if you lose your password for an email address you have created, it can only be reset in your IONOS account. You can find out how to do this in the article Changing a Password for an IONOS Email Account.

If you can still access Webmail, you can also change the password right in Webmail.


HiDrive is an online storage product of IONOS through which you can share data with other users and devices.

The article Resetting Your HiDrive Password will help you recover your credentials if you cannot log in to HiDrive.

Data Center Designer (IONOS Cloud)

You manage your IONOS Cloud account via the Data Center Designer (DCD). In the DCD, you create new virtual data centers and edit your projects.

Other Causes of Login Problems

If your login is still not possible with any of the above products, please check the following points below or contact IONOS Customer Service.

  • Make sure your login details are free of typing errors.
  • Pay attention to upper and lower case letters, especially with passwords.
  • Make sure the Caps Lock key is not activated.
  • Check for outages or scheduled maintenance on the IONOS Status page.