For the Website Design Service

Once your new website has been completed and approved by you, the website design team will enable the image editing function. This allows you to independently replace images on your website and add captions and links. This article explains how to make these changes.

You can find out how to change texts yourself in the article Website Design Service: Editing text.

Please Note

Image elements may be locked due to design decisions. You can determine which ones are locked by a lock symbol.

Adding New Images

To add new images, use the Upload Center. The article Website Design Service: Upload files and documents with the Upload Center explains how to use it.

Please Note

Most images and photos are protected by copyright and therefore cannot be used in your web project without consent. The IONOS Digital Guide article Free graphics, backgrounds, and vectors online gives you some legal, alternative sources for royalty-free imgaes.

Editing Images

Use the CoOperator for image processing:

  • Log in to your IONOS account.
  • Click Menu > Websites & Shops in the title bar.

  • Click on Manage website in the tile for your website design service contract.

  • Click on Edit website. The CoOperator opens in a new window.

  • Select the pencil icon (Edit website) in the CoOperator navigation bar on the left. Your website is displayed in the detail window.

  • Click on the Edit content button at the bottom-right corner of the screen to activate the editing mode for the displayed page.

  • Select the desired image. A toolbar and the Upload Center are displayed.

You have the following editing options for individual images:

  • Replace: Select an image from the Upload Center or upload a new image.
  • Caption: Adds text to the selected image. Further editing options are available for the text.
  • Link: Links the image to a URL. This opens when the image is clicked.

Editing Galleries

Galleries group several images together. The editing options from the previous section "Editing images" are available for individual images. In addition, the toolbar has been expanded to include the drag and move elements, which you can use to rearrange the gallery images.

Use the new arrow symbol (select container) on the far left of the toolbar to select the entire gallery. Click on the Edit button that appears to activate the Upload Center. You can add or delete additional images in the Upload Center.

Problems with Image Processing

The following causes can prevent image processing:

  • Function not enabled: The image editing function must be activated by the website design team. Activation takes place during the approval meeting. If this has not been done, please call us.
  • Internet presence is currently being edited: While the website design team is working on your website, you cannot make any changes.