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Private Cloud powered by VMware

The cost-efficient private cloud you've been waiting for

Flexible billing based on usage and capacity utilisation, and the highest level of data security.
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The IONOS Private Cloud – powered by VMware

The IONOS Private Cloud gives you all the benefits of a cloud environment – with higher levels of security thanks to dedicated hardware and infrastructure that’s yours alone to use, all hosted in our ISO-certified high-performance data centres.

With VMware, you benefit from one of the leading virtualisation solutions for your own, highly secure platform that’s ideal for many requirements.

The IONOS Private Cloud is also the perfect platform for business applications with maximal flexibility and cost efficiency. It is compatible with VMware environments already in use, which can be controlled just as easily as in-house infrastructure.

Optimise your cloud costs with the usage-based IONOS model

Enjoy cost efficiency and transparency with the IONOS Private Cloud. Your private cloud is not only billed according to use (pay-as-you-go), but also according to capacity utilisation – you pay only for what you use.

This allows you to use and efficiently operate sophisticated technology without high acquisition costs.

With no minimum contract term, you can simply delete your private cloud at any time in the cloud panel, the administrative interface behind the scenes.

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Your software-defined data centre

Your IONOS Private Cloud runs exclusively on high performance, state-of-the-art hardware and virtualisation technology:

- Virtualisation solutions from industry leader VMware

- Access and control of all resources via vSphere

- vSAN and NSX-T

- 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® processors

- Intel® Optane™ NVMe memory

If a hardware component fails, it will be automatically replaced free of charge by our experts, without you and your technicians having to do a thing. Your data will remain completely unharmed and we will automatically integrate the replacement hardware component.

Product configurations

Configure the IONOS Private Cloud to best suit your needs.

The private cloud platform from IONOS is available as a turnkey solution. You will receive all of the hardware components and the VMware environment needed to operate and coordinate your desired infrastructure, so there’s no need to worry about time-consuming tasks such as:

- Installations

- Assembly

- Configurations

Manage your virtual data centre with the following VMware solutions:

- vSphere Client with integrated vSAN management

- NSX-T Manager

Product configurations

Test and configure the IONOS Private Cloud to best suit your needs:
ProcessorsIntel® Xeon® Silver 4214Intel® Xeon® Gold 62102x Intel® Xeon® Gold 6230
RAM48 GB96 GB192 GB
Storage1.000 GB NVMe2.000 GB NVMe4.000 GB NVMe
HostsMin. 3Min. 3Min. 3

Basic Cluster - 3 hosts

80% phys. RAM allocated, thereof 60% reserved

Max. storage used

£1,347 /month£2,100 /month£3,761 /month

Get your private cloud

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Use cases

Creating your first private cloud

If you want to start utilising the power of cloud computing and are comfortable with VMware, a hosted private cloud platform based on the virtualisation software is ideal. Thanks to dedicated hardware and full control of all resources (compute, storage and network), you can build your own virtual data centre hosted in one of our own high-security locations and administer and operate it using VMware applications.

We manage the hardware and VMware software, which eliminates the costs of operating and maintaining data centre infrastructure, and thanks to our usage-based and capacity utilisation-based billing, you are able to optimise your IT costs even further. Our security standards and data protection guidelines also ensure the best possible protection for your environment.

Outsourcing and administering shifting workloads

The flexibility of our private cloud environment allows you to quickly adapt existing resources to respond to and deal with fluctuating workloads.

Operating hybrid infrastructure (Hybrid Cloud)

Thanks to the administration and management capabilities of VMware, our private cloud platform can be optimally used as part of your hybrid IT infrastructure. Benefit from the power of our hardware, and our many years of expertise in operating infrastructure solutions in our highly-secure data centres, allowing you to get the best out of your performance-based applications.

Highest security standards

As all of our European data centres are ISO 27001 certified and meet the highest security standards according to European legislation, you can rest assured that your data is securely stored and protected within your private cloud.

With the firewall management features in NSX-T, you can control the traffic depending on the chosen configuration so that it matches your requirements.

Our security network further protects your private cloud with IPS and IDS acting as the first barrier against unauthorised access. The SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) subsection continuously monitors and documents conspicuous events.