You have decided to use our website design service. In this article, we'll show you what steps are necessary to make sure your Internet presence gets implemented in the best possible way. These steps are briefly summarised below. You can find detailed information about the individual steps further down in the article.

Booking an Appointment for the First Meeting

If you order by phone, you can make an appointment directly with our website design team. If you order via our website, you can also book the initial meeting via the link in the email. During this first meeting you will discuss the content, concept, and your preferences for your new website with our team.

Initial Meeting with the Website Design Team

During the initial consultation, our website design team will explain to you step by step how to proceed and record your preferences and requirements for your new website using a visual configurator on the PC. The website design team will take into account your wishes regarding the colors, fonts, and designs to be used, as well as your requirements for the pages you need and their content. Afterwards, the website design team will inform you about the next steps.

Draft of the Website

The website design team will design the website for you.

Design Feedback

Once the website is completed, you will be notified by email. Afterwards, you can give feedback on our proposal or accept this proposal in the CoOperator. You will find the link to the CoOperator in the email. We need your feedback to proceed with the design of your website. In addition, you can provide the website design team such things as modified texts or modified graphics in the Upload Centre.

Implementation of Your Feedback and Finalisation of Your Website

After receiving your feedback and the required text and files, the website design team will implement the changes requested.

Final Feedback on the Website

After your feedback is implemented and the site is completed, you will receive an email asking you to book an appointment for an acceptance meeting. During this meeting, your website can be connected to your domain. Alternatively, you can connect your website to your domain yourself. At the end of the acceptance meeting, the Text Editor will be activated for you. With the Text Editor, you can change existing texts on your own at any time.

  • We recommend that you use the Text Editor for minor changes. For other changes, we recommend that you can use the maintenance service.

  • Your website will be published only after quality assurance testing.

Publishing Your Website

Once the review of your website is completed, your website will be published.

Website Adjustments Through the Maintenance Service or With the Help of the Text Editor

After your new website is ready, the website design team activates the text editor. With the text editor, you can change existing texts on your own, but we recommend that you only use the text editor for minor changes. For larger or ongoing changes, we suggest using the maintenance service.

Depending on the package you purchased, you can order changes from our maintenance service at different intervals by phone or email. These are either quarterly, monthly, or unlimited. To have images or texts exchanged, upload them in the Upload Centre. Then, inform the maintenance service. You can reach the maintenance service using the contact details below:

Hours: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (GMT/BST) Monday through Friday

Phone:+44 203 936 1389