Sorry for the late reply: How to write apologies for a late reply

They can be found in any mailbox: emails that should really have been answered days or even weeks ago. But something can quickly get in the way during a busy day at work – be it a task that urgently needs handling or a meeting called at short notice. An email can soon end up being forgotten.

Perhaps you keep putting off responding to an email because you know the recipient won’t be happy with your reply. Eventually, so much time may pass that it may feel awkward to reply at all. Wouldn’t it simply be better to pretend the email never arrived or that it landed in the spam folder? The answer is: no. In most cases, a sincere and well-worded apology for a late reply will be accepted with understanding and supports trustworthy collaboration with co-workers, customers, and business partners.

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Communication is key

No matter why an email was left unanswered, it’s always better to face the uncomfortable situation and send a late reply, instead of ignoring the sender. Especially in professional communication, it’s considered good manners to respond to enquiries and even simple notifications, even if you’re not able to provide help immediately or if no response is actually required. A friendly response demonstrates to the recipient that you take them seriously and value their cooperation. Not only will this improve your image among co-workers and customers, it can also pay off in the future if you need to ask for support.


If you frequently forget to reply to emails, you can avoid doing so in the future using certain organisational functions and reminder features in your email program. For example, you could automatically highlight unanswered emails in different colours, depending on topic or urgency. For particularly important emails, you could use the alarm function. By using an alarm function, you may even be able to train yourself to remember to respond to emails. 

When you discover unanswered emails in your mailbox, you want to answer them in a way that ensures a recipient won’t be frustrated with your belated reply. Depending on the email subject, there are various ways to show respect to a recipient and clarify that the delay wasn’t personal. If you’re unsure how best to formulate your late reply email, below are some examples to help inspire you.

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Situation A: friendly information/query

Friendly queries are often sent by longstanding business partners and co-workers within other departments. For instance, they may have heard that your team has landed a major prestigious project and wanted to congratulate you or find out more information. Since these emails either don’t require an answer at all or have no urgency, they are among those most frequently forgotten. But these emails play an important role in maintaining good relationships in the professional world. They indicate to the recipient that you’re not only writing to them because you have a request, but that you value your professional relationship. Your email should reflect this accordingly, for example:

“Hello XYZ,

I’m sorry for the late reply. After we won the pitch, we had to get straight to work implementing the project in order to meet the tight deadline. So, I’ve barely been able to take care of other things over the last few weeks. But I was delighted to receive your congratulations.

Today, I read online that you’ll be taking over the entire business for North America in the future. I’d also like to congratulate you on this career step! Do you know how this change will be implemented across the organisation? I very much hope we can stay in touch.

I hope we can catch up again over lunch soon.

Best regards,”

Situation B: request for support

If someone asked for your help but you had no time to take care of it due to your heavy workload, you should apologise for your delayed response and express your willingness to help. To do so, try to offer constructive suggestions and make it clear that you’ve thought about their concerns and are now able to help.

“Dear XYZ,

My apologies for the delay in responding. I am sorry that I have not been able to respond to your request for relevant contacts with respect to your project idea sooner. Since two co-workers are on leave, I’ve been handling the office management alone over the last few weeks. Understandably, this has left me little time for other tasks.

Fortunately, my co-workers are now back and I am finally able to address your query. Please find attached a list of email addresses of possible contacts. If you’d like, I can also contact these individuals right away and inform them about your project. Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

Best wishes,”

Situation C: unpopular answer/rejection

No matter how willing you may be to help others at work, there will always be situations when you won’t be able to help, despite your best intentions. Communicating unpopular decisions is a challenge many people prefer to put off. But try to consider the position of the other person. Even if their hopes are dashed, that is preferable to not receiving an answer at all. In this case, try to communicate transparently and propose alternative solutions wherever appropriate.

“Hello XYZ,

First of all, I’d like to apologise for my late reply. We were pleased to read that you would like to work with us as part of your master’s study. The proposed topic is very interesting and your previous academic performance indicates that you would be a good fit for our company.

Unfortunately, the XYZ department is currently already supervising two other students with their theses and therefore does not have the capacity to provide suitable assistance to you and your project. As an alternative, you could modify the thesis question to focus more heavily on social as opposed to economic aspects of ABC, in which case we may be able to offer a place in our XYZ department.

Please let me know if this would be of interest.

Best wishes,”

Situation D: general template

Where a late reply doesn’t fall under any of the categories above, you can use the following general template and adjust it to suit your situation.

“Dear XYZ,

When I looked through my mailbox today, I noticed that I hadn’t yet replied to you. My apologies. I planned to discuss your query with my co-workers, but the issue remained unresolved because of heavy workload.

Please find enclosed my assessment of the situation. Please rest assured that I will ask my co-workers for feedback as soon as possible and send you more information over the coming days.

Once again, I apologise for the delayed response and any inconvenience caused.

Best wishes,”

Quick guide: the dos and don’ts of late replies

The examples above show that a clear and sincere apology for a late response is the most important part when replying. It’s a good idea to explain the circumstances briefly, but remain objective and only focus on your personal situation. Blaming others can quickly appear unprofessional and disloyal – even if the accusations are truthful. Keep in mind that the tone of your email influences how credible your apology seems.

Here’s an overview of how to best respond if you can’t reply to an email on time.

Communicate friendly and openly Respond to follow-up messages with impatience or irritation
Apologise in the very first sentence Neglect to address the delay
Provide professional reasons for the delay Blame co-workers or superiors for the delay
Ask for understanding while objectively explaining the situation Give private details as an excuse
Show your willingness to help Continue to ignore the sender’s concern without at least offering some help
Suggest (alternative) solutions  

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