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Don't give malware and data thieves a chance

Secure your data with ransomware protection and backups.
Scan your computer for viruses
MyDefender regularly scans your computer to check if it's been infected by a virus, and stops suspicious activity. Using a constantly updated malware database and AI behaviour detection, it identifies both existing and new threats. This means you’re also protected against zero-day attacks – when cyber criminals exploit software security flaws that have gone unnoticed.
Keep ransomware out
A ransomware attack is when hackers encrypt your data so you can’t access it until you’ve paid them a ransom. MyDefender guards against ransomware to prevent your files being encrypted. Advanced entropy analysis is used to detect even hidden ransomware.
Graphic of virus protection

Play it safe with regular backups

Even the best cyber security measures can’t fully protect you against data loss. A particularly aggressive attack, hardware failure and accidental deletion can all result in lost files. Backing up your data reduces the risk of loss. MyDefender creates regular backup copies of your data and secures them in our ISO certified data centres. You can even back up your entire system. So, if the worst happens, you'll be able to restore everything.

Cyber security tailored to you

You decide which data to back up, and how often. Choose a preset plan for convenience, or adjust the settings yourself, for example if you want to change how long files are stored. Once your backup plan is ready, the rest happens automatically. You can set it and forget it.
Easy data backups with MyDefender

Choose your MyDefender package

Decide how much storage you need and safeguard your data today.


Great for devices with smaller amounts of data

Only £2.50/monthexcl. VAT Cancel anytime

Virus scanning
Ransomware protection
Automatic backups

100 GB of backup storage

Number of devices backed up: 1 per device type


Protect several devices or larger amounts of data

Only £5/monthexcl. VAT Cancel anytime

Virus scanning
Ransomware protection
Automatic backups

250 GB of backup storage

Number of devices backed up: 3 per device type


The best choice for protecting all your devices

3 months £1/monthexcl. VAT then £9/monthexcl. VAT

Virus scanning
Ransomware protection
Automatic backups

500 GB of backup storage

Number of devices backed up: 5 per device type


Protect up to 1 TB of data and unlimited devices

Only £15/monthexcl. VAT Cancel anytime

Virus scanning
Ransomware protection
Automatic backups

1,000 GB of backup storage

Number of devices backed up: Unlimited

MyBackup contract details

Minimum contract duration

One month

Pro: Choose from 1 month or 12 months

Setup fee

No set up fee


1-month contracts: Cancel monthly

12-month contracts: Cancel after 12 months, then monthly

Overage fees

If you exceed the storage limit of your package, you’ll be charged an additional £0.12/GB on top of the standard monthly rate.

All prices exclude VAT charged at 20%. VAT may be subject to change depending on your country of residence. Terms and conditions apply.

Get more from your backups

MyDefender is more convenient than cloud storage, and safer than an external hard drive.
MyDefenderCloud storageHard drive
Back up your whole computer Secure all files and system settings. Varies
Standalone backups for better data security Backups are stored independently of the original file, so damage to the original won't affect the copy.
Automatic backups Data backups happen automatically in the background – you don't need to do anything. Varies
Set individual backup plans for different folders and files Define how often different data sources are backed up and how long the copies are kept.
Optimised storage usage with incremental and differential backups Save storage space by only backing up changes.
Restore old backup copies Restore the latest backup, as well as previous versions. Varies
Ransomware protection Anti-ransomware software protects your data from malicious attacks.

Features at a glance

With MyDefender, you get a range of helpful, easy-to-use features.

AES 256-bit encryption

Add an extra layer of protection with AES 256-bit encryption and set your own custom password to keep out prying eyes.

Backup flexibility

You can back up individual files, folders or images or your entire hard drive – the choice is yours.


AI-based anti-ransomware technology proactively protects your system against hackers in real time.

Easy customisation

Easily adjust your virus protection and backup plan via an intuitive, web-based interface.

ISO-certified data centres

We store all your data in European data centres according to the ISO 27001 standard.

Virus scans

Scan your system for malware using signature databases and intelligent behavioural analysis.

Vulnerability identification

MyDefender identifies vulnerabilities on your devices that could put them at risk of attack.

Device protection

Avoid data leaks by limiting devices and interface access.

Cryptomining prevention

Protect your computer from being hijacked by third-parties to mine Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Supported platforms and operating systems

MyDefender supports the most popular operating systems and devices.

PC, laptops

  • Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS

File systems

  • Windows and Apple macOS

Mobile devices

  • Android and Apple iOS

Icon: cloud backup

Cloud Backup

Back up your business or servers

Need backups on a bigger scale? Safeguard your severs and business IT with Cloud Backup. The highest security standards and flexible recovery settings keep your business running smoothly.
See Cloud Backup


FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Ransomware takes your data hostage. It infects your computer, and then encrypts your data so you can’t access it. The hackers demand a ransom for decrypting your data and making it available again. The payments demanded can often be several hundred pounds, and generally have to be made in crypto currency so they can’t be traced. Ransomware attacks are on the rise and target companies as well as individuals.

A lot of the malware that’s doing the rounds is already registered in databases. This means it can easily be recognised. This doesn’t apply to completely new viruses, which can therefore spread far and wide within a few hours. These outbreaks are often called zero-day attacks because they wreak havoc before the virus is a day old. Antivirus software with behaviour recognition uses artificial intelligence to identify typical virus patterns and defend against new threats.

Data loss can be caused by a lot of different things. Hackers are constantly spreading new kinds of malware, and even operating system or program updates can cause vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals can exploit these weaknesses, and even the best antivirus software can’t offer 100% protection. Damaged hardware and accidental deletion can also result in lost data. That’s why it’s important to back up your data regularly. Whatever the reason for your lost files, you can restore them if you've made backup copies.

Yes! Using MyDefender as well as your antivirus software gives you much greater cyber security. Anti-ransomware keeps your computer and other devices safer, while backups mean you can restore your data if you need to.

Cloud storage is designed for accessing and sharing your files online. However, it doesn’t protect your data from damage or loss. We therefore recommend an online backup solution, especially for data that has emotional value or is important to your work. Online backups automatically create copies of selected files, folders, or even entire workstations. These copies are then unaffected by any damage or malware attacks that may end up affecting the originals. Whatever happens to your data, you can restore it at any time using the backup.

Differential backups only back up the data that has changed since the last full backup, so as not to take up unnecessary storage space. Incremental backups go a step further by backing up only the changes since the last backup - be it a full or incremental backup. However, differential, and incremental backups are somewhat less reliable when restoring data because they do not contain all the data. Smart backup plans therefore combine full, differential, and incremental backups to achieve the best combination of reliability and storage utilisation.

You can create one or more backup plans for each device. For each plan, you can define which data source is backed up at which time and how long the individual backups should be stored for, for example. You can also specify the type, i.e., full, differential, or incremental. In addition, the detailed settings can also help you achieve your exact wishes. To make setup easier for you, you can also select from predefined plans.

No. If you're looking for a more comprehensive backup solution, we recommend Cloud Backup.