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Windows Hosting

The latest in ASP.NET and .NET core

  • Powerful hosting for Windows developers
  • Windows Server 2019 with the latest versions of ASP.NET and .NET core
  • Updated security features
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Reap the rewards with Windows hosting

With strong security features, flexible databases and the latest Windows servers to boot.

Ideal for ASP.Net applications

Regardless of the operating system you choose, Windows hosting provides an ideal solution when using technologies such as ASP.NET, SQL Server, Access Database, and, for all other cases, where database facilities are vital for your website. With its drag and drop feature and smooth integration with Windows applications, designing your website has never been easier.

Programming and databases

The latest, powerful Windows server

Enjoy full access to Windows Server 2019, knowing that you'll never lag behind. The latest version is packed full of features including updated security measures, a more comprehensive storage system and an improved Windows Admin Centre.

Your choice of database

IONOS by 1&1 Windows hosting gives you the choice of multiple databases for supporting your web applications. With the latest versions of MS SQL Server and MySQL databases, you can rest assured that your website's performance will never dip.

Complete programming solution

The ability to create feature-rich web apps thanks to the latest ASP.NET frameworks, alongside access to the most current versions of MVC, AJAX and SSI, means that your website will perform at the standard you expect.

What do you want to do with Windows hosting?

Our plans are designed to suit all requirements.
Our recommendationWindows Hosting Business
To use the latest tools for Windows development, the Business package is all you need.
  • Windows® Server 2019
  • MS SQL 2019 databases on SSD
  • ASP.NET 4.7 and .NET Core 2.2
12 months £1/month then £5/monthexcl. VAT
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Our recommendationWindows Hosting Pro
To create an international shop with nopCommerce, we recommend our high-performance Pro package.
  • 250 GB storage to host your product images in high resolution
  • 100 MS SQL databases (1 GB SSD)
  • SiteLock malware protection
6 months £1/month then £7/monthexcl. VAT
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Our recommendationWindows Hosting Business
To use Visual Studio, all you need is the latest version of MS SQL, so the Business package is the best option to start with.
  • 25 MS SQL databases (1 GB SSD each)
  • ASP.NET 4.7 and .NET Core 2.2
12 months £1/month then £5/monthexcl. VAT
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Our recommendationWindows Hosting Expert
To create your own CMS, the Expert package has enough storage and databases for all of the features you need.
  • 500 GB storage
  • 500 MS SQL databases
  • 500 email accounts so you can have custom email addresses for all users
6 months £1/month then £10/monthexcl. VAT
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Package overview

ASP.NET 4.8 and .NET Core 3.1
Free domain for one year
One free Wildcard SSL certificate


For one website or project

12 months £1/monthexcl. VAT then £5/monthexcl. VAT

Best for 1 website

100 GB storage

25 MS SQL databases (1 GB SSD)

25 email accounts

Free domain for 1 year First year domain offer only valid on initial purchase of a 12-month contract. Included free domain extensions:, . uk, . com, . net, . org, . info, . me, . biz, . online.Close


For larger web projects

6 months £1/monthexcl. VAT then £7/monthexcl. VAT

Best for up to 5 websites

250 GB storage

100 MS SQL databases (1 GB SSD)

100 email accounts

Free domain for 1 year First year domain offer only valid on initial purchase of a 12-month contract. Included free domain extensions:, . uk, . com, . net, . org, . info, . me, . biz, . online.Close


For multiple large web projects

6 months £1/monthexcl. VAT then £10/monthexcl. VAT

Best for up to 50 websites

500 GB storage

500 MS SQL databases (1 GB SSD)

500 email accounts

Free domain for 1 year First year domain offer only valid on initial purchase of a 12-month contract. Included free domain extensions:, . uk, . com, . net, . org, . info, . me, . biz, . online.Close

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Our Content Delivery Network boosts performance by caching your website and distributing it across 150+ data centres worldwide. Users receive data from the closest server, and get faster loading times as a result.Close

Prices excl. VAT may be subject to change dependent upon your country of residence. Terms and conditions apply.
Award-winning support

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Why choose Windows hosting from IONOS?

Icon: Safety shield with blue tick


Data centres

The IONOS data centres have been accredited with the highest levels of data security in Europe.

SiteLock and SSL

Included in all Windows hosting packages is a Wildcard SSL certificate which ensures information exchanged between your website and visitors is secure and protected.

DDoS protection

Our distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection identifies incoming attacks and safeguards your websites to keep you online.
Icon: Stopwatch


Latest versions

Running the latest versions of Windows Server, ASP.NET and .NET Core will ensure top levels of speed and performance.

HTTP/2 protocol

Your web pages load fast thanks to web servers running the HTTP/2 network protocol with multiplexing and header compression for SSL encrypted traffic.

Content delivery network

With a Railgun CDN your visitors will be served a copy of the content from a data centre that is close to them. This reduces latency issues and ensures your website runs fast.
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24/7 support

If you need any help with your Windows hosting package, our expert customer service teams are available by phone and email 24/7.

Helpful technical community

IONOS customers are a community of technical experts willing to help each other out.
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Windows Hosting

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

ASP.NET hosting is a technology and coding language used on servers to create websites. It is used every time you select Windows hosting. ASP.NET hosting is a common, stable and extensive solution, which is why IONOS offers it alongside Linux within our hosting packages. It is based on the .NET framework, which makes it very effective when working with other Windows applications. With the web platform, Microsoft offers all the functions that are needed to bring server-based content and applications online with high performance. One of the biggest advantages of ASP.NET hosting is that it is compatible with all of the most important web standards. ASP hosting goes hand in hand with coding languages such as PHP, Java and C#, which guarantees full compatibility of your hosting package with your project. The mix of flexibility and harmonisation makes ASP.NET hosting an effective technology for reducing development time and raising the performance of your project.

With Windows hosting, we provide you with all the opportunities you need to present modern dynamic web content. A website is dynamic when it can do more than displaying simple HTML content, so visitors can influence the site in an interactive way. Also, user entries are stored in a database and other services are easy to add. Windows hosting makes it possible to use the whole bandwidth of applications of the .NET framework. Using ASP web hosting provides the benefit of tools such as ASP.NET, AJAX and MVC. For those who are not used to coding languages, IONOS includes NetObjects Fusion in all hosting packages. This tool completes obligatory code blocks and shows you syntax errors in your code. With our website builder, you can create fully functional websites without any programming skills. In just four steps you are able to choose layout and page settings for a website that fits your requirements.

For providing optimal performance of your online content, windows server hosting uses the most up-to-date technology. A key element is the Content Delivery Network (CDN), which spreads requests across several data centres so an additional performance boost is possible for your Windows server hosting platform. Users request your website from the nearest server via the cloud, which are distributed on more than 20 data centres worldwide. Websites with a lot of content such as images benefit from the mirage function of Windows server hosting. It notices the viewport and bit rate of a user, and the resolution of images is set for the best balance between quality and speed. Our WebSpace explorer is also an effective interface for loading data to your server. You can easily start it with your web browser, so an FTP client is not necessary. Another easy way to provide data for your ASP server is with WebDAV. You can configure this tool as a network drive and coordinate your data in a folder structure. You can configure your basic settings such as contact details in the control panel.

At IONOS you can use ASP hosting in different Windows hosting packages. All options include full functionality and extensive compatibility of ASP hosting. Choose the matching package for your personal volume and performance speed requirements. You can also use different software packages with our ASP hosting. With IONOS content modules you can build code sequences for content blocks that are ready to use for your website. And don't forget to choose a popular domain extension such as .com, .net or .org.

Users of Windows hosting do not need to worry about the maintenance of ASP servers. The cooling, security and power supply of IONOS's data centres meet the highest standards. In addition, we provide daily backups of your data with all ASP.NET hosting packages. With georedundancy, the performance of your ASP hosting will be stable even if physical problems occur on a server. For comprehensive data protection, users can rely on IONOS SiteLock, which checks your website and databases for malware, security leaks and other hacker attacks. After a completed scan, you can add the SiteLock certificate to your website to reassure your potential customers that your website is trustworthy. If you are using customer data on your website, IONOS also offers SSL certificates with the https security protocol. Phishing and SPAM security is also fully included, as well as 24/7 customer support with IONOS Windows server hosting.

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