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£201st year
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£201st year
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Discover our list of domain name extensions

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Geo related TLDs


Starting at £40/yearexcl. VAT


Starting at £12.90/yearexcl. VAT


Starting at £20/yearexcl. VAT


Starting at £25/yearexcl. VAT


Starting at £40/yearexcl. VAT

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Business related TLDs


Starting at £15/yearexcl. VAT


Starting at £38.50/yearexcl. VAT


Starting at £80/yearexcl. VAT


Starting at £70/yearexcl. VAT


Starting at £6/yearexcl. VAT

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Technology related TLDs


Starting at £12/yearexcl. VAT


Starting at £1/yearexcl. VAT


Starting at £12.50/yearexcl. VAT


Starting at £18.20/yearexcl. VAT


Starting at £1/yearexcl. VAT

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Stand out with custom domain extensions

From .app to .zone, find the new TLD that suits you.

An exciting alternative to .com

If your .com or is taken, or you want something more unique, a new TLD could be right for you. Add more detail to your domain name and let customers know what you're all about at a glance, e.g. with .shop or .yoga.
New domain extensions also set your online presence apart. A .fun, .buzz or .fashion domain name can be a real eye-catcher on your social media profiles. Register the domain name that matches your social handle for a consistent online brand.
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Different kinds of domain names

Still not sure what to choose? Check out these domain categories.

When should you choose a geographic domain name?

Connect to your hometown or region with a geographic domain name, such as .london, .wales, .nyc or .paris.
Geographic domain names are a great way to reach people living within a specific area with localised services, products and causes. Customers who want to support local businesses will know you're based nearby. A geographic domain name also allows you to make your regional identity part of your brand.

When should you choose a business-related domain name?

New businesses will often find that their desired .com domain name is already taken and that it is only possible to register a modified version. This makes it considerably less catchy, more difficult to remember and highly harmful to branding.
The new top-level domains offer a much wider variety of options, making it more likely that you will be able to align your domain with your company name. Buying a .shop, .press, .agency, .construction domain, or one of the many similar domain names, such as .sales or .rentals, for example, enables new businesses to maintain brand integrity and stand out in the competitive online market.

When should you choose a web and technology-related domain name?

In order to keep your website relevant it is very important to retain your existing visitors while gaining new ones. Connecting with your peers is also essential. With new domain names like .app, .tech or .systems, you have the opportunity to build a unique presence in the online world and increase your website's relevance.
Your website can stand out from the crowd because readers and customers know what your website or business is all about with a simple glance at your URL.

When should you choose a personal domain name?

Nowadays it's not about being a generalist; specialisation is the key.
Building your personal brand online or simply standing out from the crowd with an one-page website is very easy when you own a personal domain – your domain followed by .com, .net, etc. To personalise your domain even more, why not choose a new domain extension like or It shows visitors who you are and what you do, all in just a glance.

When should you choose a sport and leisure-related domain name?

Sport and leisure activities are all about having fun with your friends. Team up with like-minded people easily using a website that shows the fun and passion directly in its web address.
.fun, .life, .camp, or .holiday are just few of many available new domain names. They are perfectly suited for families, sports clubs, health experts, bloggers or community leaders.

New domain names – FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Over 1,400 new top-level domains were submitted during the application process, many of them related to well-known brands. So over the next few years we may see large international corporations using their own domain extensions, for example .bmw, .google or .zara. As well as brand TLDs, hundreds of generic extensions were also submitted. A complete overview can be found in our list of generic domain extensions.

Unfortunately, we can't promise that your chosen domain will be registered, although of course we'll do our best! For over 20 years IONOS has successfully registered domains for millions of customers, and we've been involved in many implementations of new TLDs. Thanks to this experience and excellent relationships with nTLD registries, we're confident that we can convert the majority of pre-orders into registrations as soon as the new domains are activated.

The 'Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers' is a California-based, non-profit organisation recognised by most state institutions. ICANN is responsible for a range of policies and technical work relating to the Internet, and cooperates with external parties to develop various projects. It is also directly responsible for the implementation process of the new domain extensions. You can visit the ICANN website to learn more about the organisation and its activities.

In contrast to country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) such as or .fr, generic top-level domains (gTLDs) do not necessarily refer to a specific country. Rather, gTLDs offer the opportunity to emphasis the main theme of a website through the ending alone, for example, .com stands for 'commercial' and .org for 'organisation'.

A distinction is made between different forms of gTLDs: some domain endings (like .com, .net, .org or .biz) have existed for a long time and have established themselves over the years. Alongside these classic gTLDs, there are new generic top-level domains (new gTLDs or nTLDs). These include endings that have been gradually introduced since March 2013. There are already a lot to choose from, and in the long term there will be over 1,000 available. Examples include .online, .page and .info.

For many nTLDs, the extension already refers to a certain area. For example, .shop, .sport, .club or .travel can be used to emphasis the type of website and it's objective. Regional endings like .london, .scot or .wales are also available. The nTLDs offer many new possibilities for adapting domains to your own web presence. There are however other nTLDs without a fixed contect such as .xyz or .now.

For more info visit our digital guide article on generic top level domains

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