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Is your business based in Wales? Do you operate there or provide services or products specific to the Welsh market? A .wales domain helps you target your website and makes your Welsh identity clear.

As .wales is a newer TLD, fewer domain names are already taken compared to an established extension like .com. This means you've got a better chance of getting the exact one you want.

Reach a Welsh audience

By registering a .wales domain, you can attract potential customers across the whole country. You'll also reach people with a Welsh connection based abroad.

Plus, with .cymru you can tailor your website even further for a Welsh-speaking audience. By setting up a simple domain redirect, you can easily forward your .wales domain visitors to your .cymru website, or vice versa – so why not register both?

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Registering a .wales domain name with IONOS is simple - just enter your desired choice into our domain name finder and we'll instantly inform you as to its availability. What's more, if you find that your preferred domain combination is unavailable, IONOS will suggest a number of variations on your original entry. From here, simply select your favorite domains and register them with your customer details. Alternatively, use the IONOS Whois Domain Lookup tool to find the contact details of the owner of your desired .wales domain to make a private offer.

If you find that none of the domain combinations suggested by IONOS are suitable, you may want to consider changing your original idea. When choosing a new name, it is important to keep it short and memorable, while retaining a descriptive element related to your business or organization. This way, customers and other internet users will still be able to find you easily.

If you operate a business located within Wales, then a dot wales domain is useful in a variety of ways. Firstly, you can geographically link your web presence with your physical premises. This is ideal for owners of hotels, bed & breakfasts or campsites, immediately indicating to your potential visitors the kind of holiday they can expect. Why not try domain names such as camping.wales or luxuryhotels.wales.

Additionally, you can foster greater trust with your local customers when you buy a .wales domain name. Perhaps you manufacture or make a uniquely Welsh product and you want to vouch for its authenticity. In this case, a .wales domain name is the ideal way to showcase your Welsh heritage. Why not try cheese.wales or cakes.wales and speak to the authenticity of your truly Welsh product.

If you decide to use a .wales domain name for your website, then you can rest assured that visitors will be able to find you easily. In fact, a .wales domain name is equally as visible as the more common .com or .co.uk top level domains. Naturally, you should make your domain as relevant as possible to your area of interest or business. This will further strengthen your domain name's reach in search engines, and help visitors to understand what you do quicker - so you can turn potential users into repeat customers even sooner.

The TLD .cymru should be used for websites in welsh, .wales should be used for English sites about wales. But there are no strict rules and you can choose freely.

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