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Cheap domain names – Buy yours now

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£1/1st year then £10/year
£1/1st year then £13/year
£1/1st year then £16/year
£1/1st year then £10/year
£1/1st year then £15/year
£1/1st year then £10/year
£2/1st year then £20/year
£2.25/1st year then £15/year
£0.60/1st year then £30/year
£4/1st year then £16/year

Benefits of low cost domain names

Apart from your opportunity of a cheap domain registration with no extra costs from IONOS, you can also have multiple domains and manage them all from a single source – your control panel.

Purchase at the right price

Most business owners think that buying an expensive domain name guarantees traffic and recognition of their site. However, it is easy to get a cheap domain name that is equally reliable; especially when you choose IONOS as your registrar. Before registering a domain name, it is necessary to choose the name of your domain. That is the most crucial step. Once you have done so, you can use the search tools (like the domain check at the top of this page) to help you check, if your domain name is available or if it is already in use. In case all your preferred names are already reserved, you can choose a completely new one or try another domain extension. There are different ways in order to get a domain. You can register the domain name directly or you choose a web hosting package.
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The cheapest domains for Great Britain

As a leading provider of domain registration and hosting services, we have helped millions of people around the globe shop for and secure cheap domain names. domain logo
Your UK business presence

Proud to be a British business? Shout about it with a domain! Show customers your UK credentials and gain trust from the start.
1st year £1/yearexcl. VAT then £10/yearexcl. VAT
.uk domain logo
Strengthen your UK identity


Short and to the point, .uk is the latest UK domain ending. Add a .uk domain to your portfolio to build up your online brand presence.
1st year £1/yearexcl. VAT then £10/yearexcl. VAT
tld DotMeDotUk
It’s all about you

If you’re based in the UK and want to create a personal website, is for you. It’s also perfect for bloggers, freelancers and more.
1st year £1/yearexcl. VAT then £10/yearexcl. VAT

Affordable generic top level domains

At IONOS, we strive to always have competitive price levels for our products – for every customer.
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A great all-rounder


Globally recognised and versatile, .online can work for anyone. It’s also a handy alternative if your dream domain name is already taken.
1st year £0.50/yearexcl. VAT then £25/yearexcl. VAT
.store domain logo
Easy to remember


Looking for a catchy web address? Make sure customers find and remember you with an eye-catching .store domain.
1st year £1/yearexcl. VAT then £50/yearexcl. VAT
.com domain logo
The global standard


Boost your online reputation with the world’s most recognisable extension. An original top-level domain, .com is still the most popular choice.
1st year £1/yearexcl. VAT then £13/yearexcl. VAT

How secure is it to use a cheap domain name for my new project?

Although IONOS offers domains at a very competitive price level, it is of course completely safe to use them. You do not have to compromise on the security of your project in order to benefit from our cheap domain names. Once you have registered your domain, it is yours as long as you renew the contract and don't violate local law.
Additionally, there are a few ways to improve the security of the visitors coming to your website. One option is to buy an SSL certificate. With an SSL certificate, you guarantee privacy for your users, when they are exchanging sensitive information with your website. You find more information about our SSL certificate here. Currently you receive one SSL Wildcard Certificate per contract for FREE.
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Things to keep in mind if you want to buy a cheap domain name:

  • Don't try to register a domain name that is highly likely to violate the trademark or brand rights of someone else
  • Register yourself as the owner of the domain name – of course, you can use private domain registration if you like
  • Check our guidelines for renewing your domain name every now and then

How to find a cheap domain name

In order to find and register a domain name, you would usually go through so called domain name registrars. The various companies that host these services usually charge relatively high fees for a single domain name. Although this might seem like a one way street, there are services that provide cheaper ones. Some of these require you to register for their services, which in turn allow you to buy cheaper domain names from other members.
Another method of attaining a low cost domain name is by signing up for a hosting service or a cheap website builder package like IONOS MyWebsite. These other types of services provide you with much cheaper domain names because they charge for their hosting for website building features. As a result, you don't have to pay for your domain, or if you do it will not be nearly as expensive as just registering a domain name by itself.
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With a cheap domain name from IONOS, you get a good-quality name at a low price. At IONOS, we make it fast and easy to shop for and register domains. You can secure your domain names with us for minimum costs, usually starting at £1 for the first year. Become part of our growing family of customers and experience the IONOS difference!
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Cheap domain names

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

The price difference between the multiple domain name registrars has multiple reasons. Some of these registrars try to gain more profits based on higher volume of sales and therefore keep their profit margins lower. Others will keep their prices low and earn their profits with additional services like email. Some domain name registrars have a fully automated system and administration system for their customers to sink the fixed costs by reducing the amount of support required.

There are many reasons why some domains are cheaper than others. The most obvious reason is like with any businesses that sell the same products; they compete against each other with differentiating prices. One type of business will speculate on high volume and therefore have lower profit margins, which in turn keep their prices down. Other businesses sell themselves as exclusive and high-end providers and charge the respective prices.

You will find generic top level domains (e.g. .com, .co, .uk,, .org...) and a lot of new top level domains as

Finding a low priced domain is simple. IONOS offers you a wide range of different cheap domain extensions. You can find the full overview of domain prices here. Checking up if your favourite name is still available just takes a couple of steps.

  1. Insert your domain name with the low priced domain extension of your choice into the domain checker at the top of the site and click on the check-button.
  2. Seconds later, you will find out, if your desired domain name is still available in combination with the cheap domain extension or if someone else was faster and has already registered the domain name. In this particular case, IONOS offers you additional popular extensions at low costs.

The term premium domain refers to all domains which are already registered by another person or company who might currently not be interested in selling it. These domain names are usually short, generic and thus easy to remember. Because of these characteristics, owners of premium domains can sometimes expect to make a lot of money when reselling them. Usually, premium domains are auctioned through marketplaces, like and not very affordable to get your hands on.

Due to the sheer size of our portfolio, we cannot guarantee to have the best price available for all products, all the time. Instead, we focus on a selected range of domain extensions which are very frequently sought after by our customers, such as .com, and provide those domain names to you at a very cheap rate.

In case you are looking for a cheap domain name purchase, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. The offers that are available to you will likely be different in a number of dimensions such as: 1st year price, setup fees, multiyear-registration options and discounts, opportunities for bundles, the level of support, additional services available to you, and eventually: the renewal rate.

Usually, a cheap domain name renewal price for the 2nd year is higher than the welcome offers you can get for the initial registration of a domain in the first year. Most domain deals also suggest that you will get an additional discount, the longer you commit yourself to the domain provider.

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