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Get professional E-Mail Hosting with 1&1 IONOS

  • Personalized email address
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Address book
Virus protection

Mail Basic

2 GB

Special Offer - including VAT
12 months just £1/mo.
12 months £0.83/monthexcl. VAT then £2/monthexcl. VAT

25 email accounts, each with 2 GB

Free domain Included free domain extensions: .com, .biz, .org, .uk, .me, .online, .net,, .info.Close

Ad-free email

Spam filter


Synchronised on all devices

24/7 expert support

Mail Business

50 GB

£5/monthexcl. VAT
£15/monthexcl. VAT
£25/monthexcl. VAT
1 user (/month. per user)
1 user
£5/monthexcl. VAT
5 users (/month. per user)
5 users
£15/monthexcl. VAT
10 users (/month. per user)
10 users
£25/monthexcl. VAT

50 GB email account for each user

Free Domain Available free domain extensions: .com, .biz, .org, .uk, .me, .online, .net,, .info.Close

Ad-free email

Premium virus protection and spam filter


Real-time sync of your data on all devices

24/7 expert support

Team collaboration tools calendar, contacts and tasksClose

Microsoft Exchange 2013

25 GB

12 months £6/monthexcl. VAT then £7/monthexcl. VAT

25 GB email account for 1 user

Domain free for the first year Available free domain extensions:, com, net, org, biz, info, name, online.Close

Ad-free email

Premium virus protection and spam filter

Outlook Web App

Real-time sync of your data on all devices

24/7 expert support

Team collaboration tools calendar, contacts and tasksClose

Microsoft Outlook 2016 included

Prices excl. VAT may be subject to change dependent upon your country of residence. Terms and conditions apply.
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The all-in-one email hosting solution personalized for you

Create your own email domain name

Choose your own email domain name now and reap the rewards later. Whether for small business owners, larger companies, freelance creatives or simply job applicants, the growing importance of having a personally branded digital space is undeniable, and all this starts with a personal email domain. 1&1 IONOS has therefore streamlined the process of crafting a personalized email address and made it as easy for you as possible. As opposed to the limited freedom that free mail options provide, email hosting with 1&1 IONOS allows you to not only choose your own email name, but also your own domain name.

Email Hosting vs. Free Email Providers

Whether you're a small business or freelancer seeking a professional email, or simply a job applicant wanting to be unique, email hosting is the way to go.
Feature1&1 IONOSFree Email ProvidersExplanation
An individual email domain for a professional appearanceYesNoThis creates an air of professionalism for businesses and self-employed people.It can also help job applicants stand out from the crowd.
Advertising-freeYesNoFree email providers are financed by selling the advertising space that crowds your user interface.
Email domains last foreverYesNoIf your free email provider goes out of business, you may lose your email address. An email domain on the other hand will never be lost.
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Email Hosting

Put simply: unlike traditional webmail which is supported by advertising, email hosting is an ad-free service designed for small to medium-sized businesses, as well as high-use individuals who wish to set up a more robust email service. In addition to providing users with comprehensive support, email hosting also features increased capabilities such as storage, security, and data recovery.

What most people overlook when deciding on an email service is the storage capacity. The 1&1 IONOS email hosting service provides you with plenty of storage space for your online documents and emails depending on your package or email quota. In addition to this, IMAP server access, which allows you to access your email from multiple devices enables you to work from anywhere you like. With the extra security of geo-redundancy, the administrative support provided and the extensive customer care network, email hosting provides a stress-free experience for individuals and businesses alike. 1&1 IONOS's email hosting service gives you the freedom to choose your own email domain, helping you to pave your own path in your professional life.
With email hosting from 1&1 IONOS, each package features full IMAP support so you can easily retrieve your mail wherever you may be. IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) allows you to synchronise your email across many different devices, including your computer, smartphone and tablet. You'll enjoy maximum flexibility in your ability to answer and organise your email while you're on the move. At the same time, you have peace of mind knowing that with 1&1 IONOS email hosting all your communication is safely stored on our secure servers.

Email hosting with IMAP functionality also allows companies to set up multiple email accounts for employees while encouraging greater cooperation through a simplified communication system. Each user can define their own settings within their preferred IMAP program on each individual device. This gives users greater autonomy, allowing them to use personal organisational systems that they are familiar with. Finally, 1&1 IONOS email hosting provides full webmail access to complement our IMAP functionality. This means that, should you be temporarily unable to access your usual devices, with our email hosting you can still easily retrieve your emails from any available web browser – the perfect way to ensure your important emails are always accessible.
Spam is a widespread phenomenon on the internet. Unwanted mails are not only a nuisance, they can also contain malicious phishing links or Trojans disguised as attachments. Our efficient 1&1 IONOS email spam filter protects you against unwanted messages. In the settings of your email account you can activate the free 1&1 IONOS email spam blocker. This filters out a large portion of suspicious content and unsafe contacts. If you are still receiving regular spam messages, you can make further adjustments to the web mail settings. For example, in the email spam filter settings, you can add certain email addresses and contacts on an email spam blacklist. Mails from contacts in this blacklist are automatically deleted, and you can remove a contact from the blacklist at any given time.
Yes. Thanks to the efficient 1&1 IONOS email virus scanner, a large number of spam email attachments are intercepted before they reach your mailbox or your computer. You can also create blacklists and whitelists to refine and customise your spam protection.

Your advantage: our server-side security systems are always up to date. They therefore react immediately to security threats and provide top email virus protection in accordance with the highest security standards. However, despite all security measures, there are exceptions and some day-to-day spam, phishing links or virus-generated emails find their way into mailboxes. To deal with such dubious emails, read more on our digital guide about how to recognise them and how to protect your business or home network.
Yes. With 1&1 IONOS you get an email address as well as a domain. For the professional communication of companies, associations or clubs, your own email domain hosting is highly recommended – it ensures a consistent and professional appearance. Buying an email domain can round off your email address and provide optimal recognition value. This creates trust and exudes professionalism for businesses and private users alike. For example, an individual email domain can have a positive effect on job applications.

Have you already spotted a domain? If so, it is advisable to secure it as soon as possible as other interested parties may buy it ahead of you. Since a domain is always unique, they can often be snapped up quickly or already assigned. For larger companies, it is often worthwhile securing a selection of domains in order to reserve the appropriate email addresses for different services, divisions or subsidiaries. You may also want to separate private and business emails and buy an email domain for both. There is no limit to the 1&1 IONOS email solution; you can save all available email domains immediately. Have a look at our domain check to see if your desired domain email is still available – if not, there will be a number of attractive alternatives recommended.

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