IONOS Agency Partner Program

Free tools for agencies and web professionals
  • Single sign-on access for easier admin
  • Lead generation via the Agency Partner Network
  • Product trials and key account management
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Agency owner standing and smilingPartner Portal dashboard interface
Agency Partner Portal

Efficient client management

Manage your own projects and your clients' hosting from one intuitive SSO dashboard. Access collective invoicing, system emails sent to your clients, and more.

Agency Partner Network

Lead generation

Verified partners can post a listing in the Agency Partner Network and get found by prospective clients seeking agencies, developers or web designers.

Agency Partner services

24/7 expert support and more

Rely on us for comprehensive support during project planning, implementation and optimisation. You'll add even more benefits as you progress through the Partner Levels.

The IONOS Agency Partner Portal

Manage projects and clients' hosting contracts more efficiently.

Update product settings in one place

As an admin you can change hosting settings for your contracts and accounts from one dashboard. Manage email, domains, web hosting or servers quickly and easily.

Access client contracts anytime

Instead of managing your clients' hosting contracts individually, request access rights and manage them all from your partner account. This saves you time and keeps you at the centre of the client experience.

Add products or add-ons easily

Upgrade existing hosting packages and add SSL certificates, SEO tools, or cloud infrastructure as your projects develop. Clients stay in the loop and can see what you've added at all times.

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Services and benefits

Join a growing hub of over 30,000 partners around the world.

  • One dashboard for all your projects
  • Hosting admin rights
  • Agency listing in the Partner Network
  • Single sign-on access to client contracts
  • Completely free membership
  • Product discounts
  • Third-party product management
  • Optimised cancellation terms
  • Free product trials
  • £300 in credit on selected products
Partner benefits
  • Dedicated product experts
  • Partner account manager
  • Collective client invoicing for hosting products
  • Automated copies of email correspondence
  • Additional benefits depending on Partner Level

Get found and reach more clients

Publish a listing in the IONOS Agency Partner Network.

Showcase your work and generate leads

The IONOS Agency Partner Network is a directory that our customers use to find agencies, freelancers and web designers.

Set up your partner listing to present your services to prospective clients. Pick up new projects and help entrepreneurs from diverse fields reach their goals and find success. Take the next step with the Agency Partner Network.

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Products for Agency Partners

Infrastructure and hosting solutions for web professionals.

Web hosting icon

Agency-grade hosting

Fast and secure web hosting with the performance you need. Scale up or down anytime to meet demand.

Agency cloud servers

Agency Cloud combines scalable, high-performance cloud servers with web hosting tools, giving you the flexibility you need for project-driven workloads.

GitHub hosting for devs

Developers can deploy code from GitHub on secure infrastructure, streamlining the site or app build process. Includes staging for faster client feedback.

How do I join the Agency Partner Program?

Create your account, manage your profile and promote your business in just a few steps.


Sign up for free

Create your free account. Then, publish your profile and complete verification to start collecting partner points.If you already have an IONOS account, register with your existing customer details.


Manage your projects

Create your own projects or add customers to access their settings and contracts quickly.Try out products free for 3 months and get £300 in credit on selected hosting products.


Find new clients

List your business in the Agency Partner Network to advertise to new clients.Set minimum budgets, list your skills, and outline the scope of services you provide to generate new leads.

The IONOS Agency Partner Program

Designed specifically for freelance web designers, developers and agencies, the IONOS Agency Partner Program offers a range of exciting benefits. Sign up to get free product trials, client management tools, lead generation, and more.

IONOS Agency Partner Program

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

The IONOS Agency Partner Program is a free, no-obligation service for professionals. It is aimed at agencies, freelancers, and web professionals who provide web design or web development services.

The IONOS Agency Partner Program offers exclusive benefits such as products, tools, and support tailored to web professionals. Among other things, IONOS partners can save time on project and client management.

Partners can also create a listing in the IONOS Agency Partner Network. This helps potential clients who are looking for developers and web designers for their next project, or a cloud or VPS reseller.

As a leading hosting provider, IONOS offers specially configured WordPress, hosting and cloud infrastructure solutions that cover all the bases for web professionals. Exclusive free trials and 24/7 technical support from a team of specialists are just two of the many benefits available to IONOS partners.

With its special infrastructure and software solutions, the IONOS Agency Partner Program was designed for agencies, freelancers, web designers, and web professionals looking for a reliable hosting partner they can grow with.

To ensure the suitability of registered partners and to constantly improve the IONOS Agency Partner Program, IONOS checks all prospective partners as part of the registration process. Registration is always free of charge with no obligation. If you are already a IONOS customer, you can use your existing account to register.

As a IONOS partner you’ll enjoy a number of benefits:

So you can always keep track of clients and projects, the IONOS Agency Partner Program offers you a central management platform, the Agency Partner Portal. This project management tool compiles all important information and settings in one place. You can also use it to convenient­ly add products to your clients' contracts.

In addition, you have the opportunity to share your expertise in the Agency Partner Network. In your profile, you can present your services and industry experience in order to generate new leads and start new projects.

Another advantage for IONOS partners is the availability of infrastructure and software solutions with perfectly pre-configured hardware and software. You’ll benefit from optimised web hosting environments and cloud products tailored specifically to the needs of web professionals. Exclusive agency partner benefits such as free trials, including starting credit, are also available. Daily 24/7 support and consulting round it off: develop individual solutions for planning, implementing, and optimising your projects together with the expert team from IONOS.

There are two IONOS Partner Programs: the IONOS Agency Partner Program and the IONOS Cloud Partner Program. These are aimed at different target groups.

The IONOS Agency Partner Program was created for agencies, freelancers, and other web professionals who support their customers with web design and development or IT admin. As a IONOS Agency Partner, you benefit from easier project management in the Agency Partner Portal, and the Agency Partner Network, where you can present your expertise and win customers. You'll also enjoy individual expert support, specialised tools, networking opportunities and more.

The IONOS Cloud Partner Program is aimed at cloud experts, for example distributors, web hosting resellers, cloud resellers as well as consulting and technology partners. IONOS will support your growth with IONOS Cloud: open up new, local, or international markets, gain new customers, and generate more revenue.

You can use both programs in parallel. You'll have different login data for each.

Yes! The IONOS Agency Partner Portal can be used without publishing a listing in the Agency Partner Network. IONOS partners can communicate with their clients via the Agency Partner Portal at any time and manage their projects without having a profile in the Agency Partner Network. It's up to you if you want to appear in the Network. However, publishing a listing helps potential clients find you.

The Partner Network is visible to everyone, even if they don't have a partner account. So anyone visiting the IONOS website can search for agencies, freelancers, and web professionals.

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