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By-the-minute billing

Our GPU servers are billed on a pay-as-you-go basis. That means you’ll only pay for the time you’re actually using your server, to the minute. There’s no minimum contract – just delete your server when you don’t need it any more, and billing will stop.

Peak performance

A GPU has a large number of cores that work in parallel to complete tasks in less time. This allows it to process enormous amounts of data very quickly. It also means a big performance boost for compute-intensive tasks.
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High security

Your IONOS GPU server doesn't just offer high performance, it’s also highly secure. Your projects will run in our ISO 27001 certified data centres, meaning top security standards and peak reliability.


The NVIDIA® A10 Tensor Core GPU, based on NVIDIA® Ampere architecture, delivers outstanding performance for graphic-intensive workloads including AI.
Designed for multiprecision computing and based on the new NVIDIA® Turing architecture, the NVIDIA® Tesla T4 gives you optimal performance for workloads of any complexity.


16 cores / 32 threads

3.0 GHz, max. 3.3 GHz Boost


1,000 GB

(2x 1,000 GB NVMe SSD)

Hardware RAID 1

NVIDIA® Tesla T4

£0.7639 / hour

max. £550 / month


16 cores / 32 threads

3.0 GHz, max. 3.7 GHz Boost


960 GB

(2x 960 GB NVMe SSD)

Hardware RAID 1


£0.9028 / hour

max. £650 / month

Intel® Data Center GPU Flex Series

The Intel® Data Center GPU Flex 170 supports an open, standards-based software stack and provides optimal performance for a wide range of uses.
Intel Xeon Gold 5412U 24C/48T x 2.1GHz, max. 3.9 GHz Turbo Boost256 GB DDR5 ECC

1,920 GB

(2x 1920 GB NVMe SSD)

Hardware RAID 1

Intel Data Center GPU Flex 170

£0.9722 / hour

max. £700 / month

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Maximum performance for your workloads

A GPU server is ideal when you need more processing power than a CPU can provide.

Use case

High-performance computing

Process large and complex data volumes quickly and make informed decisions for your business. Whether it's checking user input in real time, automating recurring tasks, or incorporating better forecasts into your decision-making processes more quickly, our GPU servers provide the performance needed.

Use case

Deep learning

Optimise your internal analyses and make even large, complex data volumes easy to evaluate using deep learning. Use the possibilities of AI to eliminate typical sources of error and minimise risks in your processes. With a GPU server, you can evaluate and analyse images, texts and other data better, faster and in a more targeted way.

Use case

Big data analysis

Increase the efficiency of your business intelligence and systematically access large amounts of data. Thanks to the high performance of a GPU server, you can analyse your data in greater depth and be more targeted. Standardise all data from any source, process it centrally, and create a foundation for fast and efficient data evaluation.

GPU Servers

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Yes, the NVIDIA® T4 GPU used in our servers accelerates a range of workloads including deep learning training and inference. So the servers are perfectly suited for this use case.

Yes, the graphics card used is based on the new NVIDIA Turing architecture and therefore includes Turing Tensor multiprecision cores as well as new RT cores. This makes a GPU server the ideal solution for difficult rendering tasks.

GPU servers are a good option for graphic-intensive games, ensuring low latency and a smooth user experience.