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What is an Extended Validation Certificate?


An Extended Validation Certificate, also known as an EV SSL, provides the strongest possible level of encryption available and indicates that a business has the highest standards of verification. When an EV SSL certificate is verified, the applicant is vetted according to strict guidelines to prove their rights to the domain. This includes proving the legal, physical and operational existence of the business license to which the certificate will be issued.

Encrypting all sensitive data and transaction information, the Extended Validation Certificate is your strongest defence against online phishing and hacker threats. This high level of website data protection helps to safeguard critical information that may be entered on the site, such as credit card details or personal information.

Prominently displaying your company name, location and the padlock symbol in green in the address bar, your website security is immediately visible to all visitors. As a result, EV SSL is strongly recommended for all online shops, since they rely on the exchange of sensitive data and financial transactions.

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Benefits of using EV SSL for your online shop

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Phishing Protection

An EV SSL is considered a must for any ecommerce business. Customers shopping on ecommerce sites are afraid of identity theft and hackers accessing their sensitive information. As a result, they expect high levels of protection against phishing: it is only by offering watertight security that you will be able to ease their concerns. Consequently, with the visible, top-level Extended Validation Certificate you are able to offer the very best in online security and bolster your reputation.

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Secure communication

With an EV SSL Certificate, you have complete peace of mind that all transactions and sensitive financial data are encrypted. This means that no matter what kind of sales or purchases you process over your website, or how much personal information you require customers to input, none of this is accessible by a third party. Credit card details, addresses and even unique identifiers such as social security numbers are all treated alike, and kept shielded from potential threats.

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More form completions

With highly visible indicators demonstrating your EV SSL in the address bar, such as your company name and location, the padlock symbol and HTTPS confirmation, people know at a glance that they are in safe hands. As a result, users are far more likely to trust your website and feel comfortable interacting with it. The ‘green bar’ has been shown to boost rates at which visitors complete form submissions and privately share sensitive information with commercial websites.

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More transactions

You can drive more conversions by using an EV SSL certificate. Due to the extra level of trust and legitimacy, customers will be more likely follow through with transactions on your website rather than bouncing due to security concerns.

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More engagement

Site visitors expect to see a high level of security before interacting with sites. Consequently, the extra layer of verification with EV SSL can help you to increase the use of your website services significantly.

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Increase user logins

Boosting customer trust in your website security and services will help to ensure they come back in the future. With an Extended Validation Certificate you retain an edge over your competitors and guarantee returning visitors.

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GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium

Protection for one domain name

Domain Validated

Up to 256-bit encryption

£500,000 loss excess amount

Padlock display

Easy to activate on your website


GeoTrust True BusinessID

Protection for one domain name

Organisation Validated

Up to 256-bit encryption

£1,250,000 loss excess amount

Padlock display

Protection against phishing

Display the trustworthiness of your business


GeoTrust True BusinessID EV

Protection for one domain name

Extended Validation

Up to 256-bit encryption

£1,500,000 loss excess amount

Padlock display

Protection against phishing

Display the trustworthiness of your business

Highest level of authentication

 All prices exclude VAT charged at 20%. VAT may be subject to change depending on your country of residence. Terms and conditions apply.

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Overview of all SSL certificates

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Find out more about obtaining an SSL certificate with IONOS to enjoy better website security and build stronger customer trust.

More options with Extended Validation SSL Certificate

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There are certain requirements that must be fulfilled in order to obtain the advanced verification of an Extended Validation Certificate. For example, businesses must undergo a thorough assessment to prove their legitimacy, such as by demonstrating their legal, physical and operational existence. Furthermore, an identity check must be carried out on all applicants.

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