CA App Synthetic Monitor: speed test for your website

Poor performance can have grave consequences for the success of an online project. Website operators who test the patients of their visitors through painfully slow loading times risk increased bounce rates and a drop in page visits. Website speed also has a significant influence on search engine ranking. Google and Bing pay close attention to user metrics and will always give websites with high bounce rates the cold shoulder. As a website operator, you should always keep the performance of your website in mind: a website that performs superbly in a private test environment may have very different speed results on a customer’s computer. This is where our web app of the week comes into play: with the website tester from CA Technologies, you can check the performance of your online project within seconds from various positions worldwide. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Test website speed

CA App Synthetic Monitor is the follow-up to the web app Website operators, developers, and website designers can receive a quick website speed test from 10 locations in 8 countries. In doing so, this web app targets globally orientated online projects.

To retrieve figures for a website, all you have to do it copy the desired URL into the search field and click ‘Check’. The tool connects to the servers in all the different global positions and checks their corresponding loading time. The following graphic shows the values for the homepage of The Spiegel, one of Germany’s largest newspapers with a global online following:

The CA App Synthetic Monitor offers you 5 free website speed tests per day. Alternatively, you can pay for access to an extended version. This allows you to enjoy round-the-clock monitoring with regular e-mail reports. For tips on how to improve your website’s loading speed, you can refer to the website optimisation article on our digital guide.

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