How to choose the perfect domain name

Still searching for a name for your domain? We’ve collated seven top tips to help you find the right domain name. A good domain name should be memorable, mobile-friendly and up for grabs. When choosing your name, consider the different domain type endings. Online, tools such as NameMesh, DomainWheel and BustAName are useful to find available domain names.

What is a domain made of and what makes a good domain name?

A domain is made up of three components, an optional subdomain, a domain name and a top-level domain (TLD) as ending. In the case of a web address such as, these components would be ‘www’, ‘ionos’ and ‘’, respectively.

Selecting a good domain name is important because it acts like a flagship for your website. A name that matches your brand leaves a professional impression and is more memorable. A distinction is made between a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) and a Partially Qualified Domain Name (PQDN). The former contains all domain levels, while the latter doesn’t.


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7 tips for how to choose a domain name

Tip 1: Make it memorable

Ideally, a domain name is short and easy to remember. It should be simple enough to pronounce and spell. Known terms and words tend to be easier to remember than invented words. If your company already has a name, use it as your domain name to aid brand recall and recognisability.

Tip 2: The right domain ending

Choose your domain extension carefully. After all, .net isn’t the only available alternative to a .com domain. Check which extension suits your brand. There are also options which will run cheaper than well-known TLDs.


If your desired domain is already taken, you may be able to purchase the domain. But this usually incurs added costs and these can be considerable, depending on the popularity of your name.

Tip 3: Use keywords

Consider SEO when selecting a domain. Use keywords when creating your domain name to help users find your brand more easily. However, what’s more important is creating an independent name that lends itself well to branding. In the long run, you’ll want a unique brand name that’s not associated with a generic address such as, for example.

Tip 4: Mobile-friendly

Your domain name should be mobile-friendly. In other words, it should be easy to type on mobile devices. Put yourself in the shoes of your future website visitor and check that your domain name is as simple and easy to type. Users shouldn’t need to switch keyboards or enter complex words.

If you prefer a more complicated domain name, use internationalised domain names, or IDNs for short, to allow for umlauts and diacritics.


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Tip 5: Usable for branding

A good domain name reflects your brand. In other words, it’s suitable for branding and the same name can be used to create accounts on the most important social media platforms. Consistency is key when creating a professional web presence. If your chosen domain or brand name is already in use on social media, try to find an alternative or apply extensions.

Tip 6: Check market rights

The domain name of your choice must be available and not violate trademark law. You can verify if there’s an existing trademark for your name or a similar one. That’s important to avoid legal disputes in the future and ensure that your trademark isn’t being confused for another one.

Tip 7: Buy an expired domain

As part of the domain trade, you could also try to find a suitable domain name that’s expired. These domains will have previously been registered but their contractual period has come to an end. This means anyone else can purchase them. However, be sure you’re not violating trademark rights when purchasing expired domains.

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The best tools to find good domain names


NameMesh is useful to generate different domain types. Simply enter the keywords you wish to use as part of your domain in the search bar. The search engine then produces a range of suggestions for various categories, including, for example, similar, new, short and search engine optimised domain names.


The DomainWheel page is another handy tool for finding a domain name. Type one or more terms into the search bar and you’ll see a list of selected domains. Click ‘View Details’ to find options to register the domain.


The BustAName domain search tool offers a comprehensive and quick domain finder. In the former, enter several terms to view available domains by various domain providers. The latter displays whether a desired domain name is still available for the extensions .com, .net and .org.


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A good domain name considers various characteristics. Ideally, it should be short, memorable and unique. It should also be usable for (social media) branding. Ideally, it shouldn’t have been used by another company before. That’s why it’s important to check trademark rights. The domain extension is another important factor, because common top-level domains such as .com tend to be unavailable.

Online tools like NameMesh, DomainWheel and BustAName can be useful when searching for a domain name and forwarding to a suitable domain registrar.

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