Country domains: a comprehensive ccTLD list

Every internet address, or domain, has a domain ending, also known as a top-level domain. Country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) are used to indicate the site’s relation to a specific country or region (i.e. .uk for the United Kingdom or .eu for the European Union) and are therefore referred to as country code TLDs. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the company that regulates the allocation of all ccTLDs. Meanwhile an NIC (Network Information Centre, also known as the Domain Name Registry) is the body responsible for the management and registration of all regional domain extensions in a country. In total there are now more than 200 ccTLDs, all of which can be found in the top-level domain list below.

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Characteristics of ccTLDs

Country-specific domain extensions generally indicate the region or language that the website’s content is relevant for. Furthermore, ccTLDs always include two letters of the Latin alphabet. The only exceptions to this rule are the countries with IDN-ccTLDs (internationalised country code top-level domains). In addition to the standard ccTLD, these countries have one or more variants of the same ccTLD in a language that doesn’t use the Latin alphabet. An example of a country with several variations of the same ccTLD is Sri Lanka; as well as the country code, .lk, Sri Lanka also uses the TLDs, .ලංකා and .இலங்கை, which refer to the country in Sinhalese and Tamil, respectively.

Alternative uses for ccTLDs

Generic top-level domains provide the counterpart to ccTLDs. These don’t have a regional domain extension, but rather refer to a specific theme (such as .com for commercial/business enterprise or .org for an organisation) and can include more than two letters. However, some ccTLDs are repurposed and, like gTLDs, can be used to indicate particular types of websites or the genre of content or products. Wordplay with certain country codes is also quite common. Examples of this include:

  • this video hosting platform and live streaming channel uses the Tuvaluan ccTLD to offer users all kinds of video uploading, editing, and streaming services. The .tv domain extension is particularly popular in the area of television, film, and video streaming sites (further examples include and
  • this is the web address of a UK-based music streaming service, which uses the county code of the Federated States of Micronesia, .fm. As the abbreviation also stands for ‘frequency modulation’, it shares a connection with FM radio, and therefore enjoys popularity among websites that are connected to radio shows, music, and podcasts (further examples include the internet radio platform and the music website,
  • CanIStream.It: CanIStream.It is an online platform that provides links to on demand video services. By using the Italian ccTLD, the domain spells out exactly what service the website provides.
  • this is the most expensive Montenegrin domain ever sold (for $450,000). MeetMe is the name of a US-based social network that was able to express its brand name fully in the domain name with the help of Montenegro’s ccTLD.

The .tk domain ending is a special case when it comes to country domains. Over 30 million websites use this ccTLD, even though the island state of Tokelau, which officially presides over this domain extension, has less than 2 million inhabitants. The mass registration of .tk websites can be put down to the fact that in the past, it was completely free of charge to secure an internet address with this ccTLD. Even now, website owners with a .tk TLD can run their sites without paying a penny for the first 12 months after registering.

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Country code top-level domain list

The following domain extensions list includes every country domain in existence. With this table, you can not only discover which country or area the domain extensions belong to, but also whether the respective ccTLD is available with DNSSEC. Websites can use DNSSEC internet standards in order to protect the domain name system from manipulation, which includes, for example, phishing websites, which can request sensitive data using fake webpages.

The column on the right indicates whether a web address registered under the respective ccTLD can also be allocated an internationalised domain name (IDN). As mentioned above, these internationalized domain names can use characters from the Latin alphabet, including those with accents, in addition to characters from other alphabets. These characters are located in the second-level domain (i.e. the name of the website before the country code top-level domain). One example of this is the Canadian weather website, mé, which includes an accented letter.

Top-level domains that have an IDN can be accessed using both Latin characters as well as characters from their respective alphabet. However, this doesn’t mean that the corresponding top-level domain is also offered as an IDN ccTLD at the same time – as is the case with the aforementioned example of Sri Lanka. A good example of this is Germany’s .de domain extension; although there is no alternative for the .de country code, German website owners can use many special characters, including three vowels with umlauts (ä, ö, ü), the ‘ß’ character, as well as further characters that contain accents (à, á, â, ã etc.). Since the German language is based on the Latin alphabet and can be optimally expressed with a ccTLD (unlike Sri Lanka), it’s also not necessary.

ccTLD Country (or region) DNSSEC IDN
.ac Ascension Island Yes Yes
.ad Andorra Yes No
.ae United Arab Emirates No No
.af Afghanistan Yes No
.ag Antigua and Barbuda Yes No
.ai Anguilla No No
.al Albania No No
.am Armenia Yes No
.an Netherlands Antilles (now deleted – with the 2010 political dissolution of this region as an overseas territory, the ccTLD was closed down in 2015) No No
.ao Angola No No
.aq Antarctic No No
.ar Argentina Yes Yes
.as American Samoa No Yes
.at Austria Yes No
.au Australia Yes No
.aw Aruba Yes No
.ax Åland Islands (until March 2006 still accessable at No No
.az Azerbaijan No No
.ba Bosnia and Herzegovina No No
.bb Barbados No No
.bd Bangladesh No Yes
.be Belgium Yes Yes
.bf Burkina Faso No No
.bg Bulgaria Yes Yes
.bh Bahrain No No
.bi Burundi No No
.bj Benin No No
.bl Saint-Barthélemy No No
.bm Bermuda No No
.bn Brunei No No
.bo Bolivia No No
.br Brazil Yes Yes
.bq Bonaire,  Saba,  Sint Eustatius No No
.bs Bahamas No No
.bt Bhutan No No
.bv Bouvet Island (registration not yet possible) No No
.bw Botswana Yes No
.by Belarus Yes No
.bz Belize Yes No
.ca Canada Yes Yes
.cc Cocos Islands Yes No
.cd Democratic Republic of the Congo No No
.cf Central African Republic No No
.cg Republic of the Congo Yes No
.ch Switzerland Yes Yes
.ci Côte d’Ivoire No No
.ck Cook Islands Yes No
.cl Chile Yes Yes
.cm Cameroon Yes No
.cn China Yes Yes
.co Colombia Yes No
.cr Costa Rica Yes No
.cs Czechoslovakia (now deleted) No No
.cu Cuba No No
.cv Cape Verde No No
.cw Curaçao Yes No
.cx Christmas Island No No
.cy Cyprus Yes No
.cz Czech Republic Yes No
.dd German Democratic Republic (never activated) No No
.de Germany Yes Yes
.dj Djibuti Yes No
.dk Denmark Yes Yes
.dm Dominica No No
.do Dominican Republic No No
.dz Algeria No No
.ec Ecuador Yes No
.ee Estonia No Yes
.eg Egypt No No
.eh Western Sahara (due to the political   conflict between the countries of Western Sahara and Morocco, this is ccTLD is currently not live) No No
.er Eritrea Yes No
.es Spain No No
.et Ethiopia Yes No
.eu European Union Yes Yes
.fi Finland Yes Yes
.fj Fiji No No
.fk Falkland Islands No No
.fm Micronesia Yes No
.fo Faroe Yes No
.fr France Yes Yes
.ga Gabon No DS resource record available No
.gb United Kingdom (no longer in use since .uk became the established ccTLD) Yes No
.gd Grenada No No
.ge Georgia No No
.gf French Guiana No No
.gg Guernsey No No
.gh Ghana Yes No
.gi Gibraltar Yes No
.gl Greenland No No
.gm Gambia Yes No
.gn Guinea No DS resource record available No
.gp Guadeloupe No No
.gq Equatorial Guinea Yes No
.gr Greece Yes Yes
.gs South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands No No
.gt Guatemala No Yes
.gu Guam No No
.gw Guinea-Bissau No No
.gy Guyana No No
.hk Hong Kong No Yes
.hm Heard Island and McDonald Islands Yes No
.hn Honduras Yes No
.hr Croatia No No
.ht Haiti Yes Yes
.hu Hungary Yes No
.id Indonesia Yes Yes
.ie Ireland No No
.il Israel No Yes
.im Isle of Man Yes No
.in India Yes No
.io British Indian Ocean Territory Yes No
.iq Iraq No No
.ir Iran No Yes
.is Iceland No Yes
.it Italy No Yes
.je Jersey No No
.jm Jamaica No No
.jo Jordan Yes No
.jp Japan Yes No
.ke Kenya Yes No
.kg Kyrgyzstan Yes No
.kh Cambodia Yes No
.ki Kiribati No No
.km Comoros No No
.kn St. Kitts and Nevis No No
.kp North Korea Yes No
.kr South Korea Yes Yes
.kw Kuwait Yes No
.ky Cayman Islands No No
.kz Kazakhstan Yes No
.la Laos Yes No
.lb Lebanon Yes No
.lc St. Lucia Yes No
.li Liechtenstein Yes Yes
.lk Sri Lanka Yes Yes
.lr Liberia No DS resource record available No
.ls Lesotho Yes No
.lt Lithuania Yes Yes
.lu Luxembourg Yes Yes
.lv Latvia Yes Yes
.ly Libya Yes No
.ma Marocco No No
.mc Monaco No No
.md Moldova Yes No
.me Montenegro Yes No
.mf Saint Martin No No
.mg Madagascar No No
.mh Marshall Islands No No
.mk Macedonia Yes No
.ml Mali Yes No
.mm Myanmar Yes No
.mn Mongolia Yes No
.mo Macau No No
.mp Northern Mariana Islands No No
.mq Martinique No No
.mr Mauritania No No
.ms Montserrat No No
.mt Malta No No
.mu Mauritius No No
.mv Maldives Yes No
.mw Malawi Yes No
.mx Mexico No No
.my Malaysia Yes Yes
.mz Mozambique Yes No
.na Namibia Yes No
.nc New Caledonia Yes No
.ne Niger No No
.nf Norfolk Island No No
.ng Nigeria Yes No
.ni Nicaragua Yes No
.nl Netherlands Yes No
.no Norway No Yes
.np Nepal Yes No
.nr Nauru Yes No
.nu Niue Yes Yes
.nz New Zealand Yes Yes
.om Oman Yes No
.pa Panama No No
.pe Peru No Yes
.pf French Polynesia No No
.pg Papua New Guinea No No
.ph Philippines Yes No
.pk Pakistan Yes No
.pl Poland Yes Yes
.pm Saint Pierre and Miquelon Yes Yes
.pn Pitcairn Islands No No
.pr Puerto Rico Yes No
.ps Palestine Yes No
.pt Portugal Yes Yes
.pw Palau No No
.py Paraguay Yes No
.qa Qatar Yes No
.re Réunion Yes Yes
.ro Romania Yes Yes
.rs Serbia No No
.ru Russia No No
.rw Rwanda Yes No
.sa Saudi Arabia Yes Yes
.sb Solomon Islands No No
.sc Seychelles Yes No
.sd Sudan No No
.se Sweden Yes Yes
.sg Singapore Yes No
.sh St. Helena Yes Yes
.si Slovenia Yes Yes
.sj Svalbard and Jan Mayen (registration is not yet possible) No No
.sk Slovakia No No
.sl Sierra Leone No No
.sm San Marino No No
.sn Senegal No No
.so Somalia No No
.sr Suriname No No
.ss South Sudan Yes No
.st São Tomé and Príncipe No No
.su Soviet Union (this TLD has been managed by Russia since the dissolution of the USSR) Yes Yes
.sv El Salvador No No
.sx Sint Maarten Yes No
.sy Syria No No
.sz Swaziland No No
.tc Turks and Caicos Islands Yes No
.td Chad No No
.tf French Southern and Antarctic Lands Yes Yes
.tg Togo No No
.th Thailand No Yes
.tj Tajikistan No No
.tk Tokelau Yes No
.tl Timor-Leste (formerly .tp) Yes No
.tm Turkmenistan Yes Yes
.tn Tunisia No Yes
.to Tonga No Yes
.tp Timor-Leste (now deleted – replaced by .tl in 2002) Yes No
.tr Turkey,  Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Yes Yes
.tt Trinidad and Tobago Yes No
.tv Tuvalu Yes No
.tw Taiwan Yes Yes
.tz Tanzania No DS resource record available No
.ua Ukraine Yes No
.ug Uganda Yes No
.uk United Kingdom Yes No
.um United States Minor Outlying Islands (now deleted) No No
.us United States No No
.uy Uruguay Yes No
.uz Uzbekistan No No
.va Vatican City No No
.vc St. Vincent and the Grenadines No DS resource record available No
.ve Venezuela No No
.vg Britische Virgin Islands Yes No
.vi United States Virgin Islands Yes No
.vn Vietnam Yes Yes
.vu Vanuatu No No
.wf Wallis and Futuna (also .fr) Yes Yes
.ws Samoa No Yes
.ye Yemen Yes No
.yt Mayotte (French region – also .fr) Yes Yes
.yu Yugoslavia (now deleted – after the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia the TLD was used by Serbia and Montenegro until 2010) No No
.za South Africa No No
.zm Zambia No No
.zr Zaire (now deleted – since the country was renamed in 1997, the ccTLD .cd has been used) No No
.zw Zimbabwe No No
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