What are new TLDs (top-level domains)?

Since March 2013 it has been possible to register new top-level domains (nTLDs) such as .shop, .business or .guru. on top of the classic TLDs such as .com or .org. Many relating to sports, business, lifestyle and technology are also available.

Why introduce new TLDs?

The internet is growing and growing and the increasing number of websites means that more and more internet addresses with popular domain endings such as .com are being snapped up. Not long ago when short, concise addresses were no longer available among the common TLDs, e.g. shoes.com, you had to look for alternatives. Domain names started becoming longer and also more complicated e.g. buyshoes.com. The alternatives began to get more ridiculous e.g. buysupercheapshoes.com or supercheapshoeshop24.com.

Since virtually all sensibly entitled domains were in use, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) decided to introduce new TLDs.


ICANN coordinates the domain allocation of unique names and addresses on the World Wide Web. It is mainly responsible for introducing the new top-level domains. Critics have accused ICANN of creating an unstable system by having too many TLDs. Before the Domain Name System is overloaded, however, ICANN predicts that around 5,000 domain endings can be released.

Introducing the new TLDs

The aim of introducing new top-level domains was to provide more choice in the form of new domain extensions. Many new generic TLDs were launched in 2000 and 2004. In 2008 the general rules were loosened and since then almost every term has the possibility of becoming a TLD as long as it meets the ICANN requirements and is not too similar to an existing TLD. Companies now have numerous possibilities to choose concise and clear domains for their own websites thanks to these new options. Instead of supercheapshoeshop24.com it is now possible to have www.shoe.shop which is more appealing to the user and the search engine.


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The benefits of new TLDs

The biggest advantage of nTLDs (new top-level domains) is the possibilities that they create since many names and shortened forms were snapped up years ago among the old TLDs. Instead of unclear abbreviations or a jumble of strung-together words, it is now possible to use short and concise extensions.

The advantages of nTLDs at a glance:

  • location revealed through domain extension (e.g. www.hotel.london)
  • reflects the topic of the site (e.g. www.womenshoes.shop)
  • enables descriptive combinations (e.g. www.edu.london)
  • higher recognition value

Find your own new top-level domain and benefit from the many possibilities to design your URLs:

Domain Check
  • .shop
  • .online
  • .ltd
  • .blog
  • .store

The new top-level domains and SEO

A question that often comes up is whether Google treats the new domains differently to the classic ones likes .org and .com and whether the domain choice has an influence on the ranking in the search results. The consensus is that it makes no difference to Google at the moment. Even if there is a relevant keyword in the ending (e.g. .app or .shop), this has no influence on the ranking of the page, which is the case with all top-level domains. The only exception are country code top-level domains (ccTLDs). In the UK a .co.uk domain will be ranked better than an .es domain. Conversely, an .es domain would be favoured over a .co.uk domain in Spain.

A list of the new TLDs

The list of new domains is already so long and is growing by the day. Not every domain provider allows just any address to be registered, and the rule to follow here is ‘first come, first served’.

Here are some new domains from the following areas:


  • .academy
  • .college
  • .education
  • .school
  • .study


  • .agency
  • .business
  • .expert
  • .management
  • .marketing
  • .partners


  • .beauty
  • .family
  • .fashion
  • .men
  • .singles
  • .vision


  • .dental
  • .doctor
  • .health
  • .hospital
  • .support
  • .surgery


  • .cash
  • .credit
  • .finance
  • .gold
  • .investments
  • .money


  • .bike
  • .fitness
  • .football
  • .hockey
  • .dance
  • .yoga


  • .amsterdam
  • .barcelona
  • .bayern
  • .berlin
  • .london
  • .paris


  • .app
  • .computer
  • .email
  • .network
  • .systems
  • .technology

How can I secure a new TLD?

ICANN publishes new top-level domains on an ongoing basis. So it may be that you come across a new TLD, but it is not yet officially available. Depending on the domain’s status, there are different possibilities to seize your desired name with one of the numerous extensions.


Among the most popular new domain extensions are .online, .club, .email, .app, .shop and .store.

Non-binding pre-order

If there is no information given about a domain’s release, you can first pre-order your desired name without any obligation to buy. This is usually free. As soon as dates and conditions for the start of the nTLD are determined, the provider gets in touch with the customer. The customer can then decide whether they want to reserve the domain (binding agreement) or forego the name.

Binding reservation

If the start date for a new domain has been specified, prices and conditions for registering are set. Prices vary depending on the relevance, just as they do with classic TLDs. Customers can then reserve their desired domain which is binding. At this point in time many reserved domains are made available again if there is no longer any interest.


Neither a non-binding pre-order nor a binding reservation are a guarantee of the rights to a domain name. The decision depends on whichever registration request first arrived at the relevant registry.

New TLD registration

Those shopping for domains can find a readily available selection of nTLDs on their provider’s site. After the extension has been released the new top-level domains can be registered like normal. You can also carry out a domain check and register your desired domain if it is still available on the provider’s website.

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