What are the best WordPress page builders?

Creating a fully functional website is possible even if you lack the programming skills. WordPress makes it as easy as 1-2-3 to get started. However, if you’re looking to personalise your online presence and tailor it to suit your needs, you’ll want to be using a WP page builder. There’s a huge range of builders, but not every WordPress builder is equally recommendable. Find out what WordPress page builders are, what their advantages and disadvantages are, and which ones are the best WP page builders.

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The five best WordPress page builders

  Free version Pro version
Elementor Yes From $49 (approx. £37)
WP Page Builder Yes From $39 (approx. £29)
Beaver Builder Yes From $99 (approx. £74)
Divi No From $89 (approx. £67)
GeneratePress Yes From $44 (approx. £33)

The following information is up to date as of November 2021.

How do WordPress builders work?

Most WordPress page builders function according to the modular principle. Layout, scope, and functions can be freely selected and adjusted according to users’ needs. Prior knowledge of design or web programming isn’t necessary. In the past, only experts were able to build websites which meant that web design was an expensive endeavour. Today, anyone can design a functional and visually appealing website using a WordPress builder. Most WP page builders include various drag-and-drop features and design elements.


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Pros and cons of WordPress page builders

It must be mentioned upfront that the advantages of a good WordPress page builder outweigh its disadvantages. The pros of our top WordPress builders discussed below include:

  • Time savings: It doesn’t take long to create a basic website with basic features. This benefits users looking to get up and running online quickly while programmers can accept a higher number of projects without sacrificing on the quality of their work.
  • Low costs: A good WordPress page builder doesn’t just save time but also lowers WordPress costs. Owners of online stores or blogs who are just starting out are able to keep their expenses to a minimum in this way.
  • Professional websites: Additional features and a customised layout were previously associated with higher costs or an increased risk of errors. Drag and drop with WP page builders minimises these errors and websites tend to run smoothly while retaining their visual appeal.
  • Greater flexibility: Most websites are not static, but require adaptations from time to time. With a WordPress builder, such changes are quick and easy to implement without leading to technical issues. Expanding your product range, adding new features or website ideas is as easy as 1-2-3.

Although there are plenty of advantages, you should consider a few (possible) disadvantages when using a WordPress page builder versus a Gutenberg or alternative editor.

  • Many WP page builders are not very flexible when it comes to implementing changes. Once applied, a theme restricts you to a particular builder, especially if you use short codes.
  • Under certain circumstances, a WordPress page builder can increase loading times. Because a page builder is essentially an added WordPress plugin, this may slow page load. Gutenberg tends to perform a little more favourably when it comes to speed performance.

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WP Page Builder: the top 5

There are numerous page builders designed to help you create your WordPress page. The following five WordPress page builders provide some of the best options, are reliable, and are very popular.


Elementor is a good choice for beginners and professionals alike. The WordPress page builder is available as a free version and an extended paid version. If you’re testing the waters, the free version is more than sufficient and offers ten builder options to create high-quality websites with numerous useful features. Editing is intuitive and the package boasts a large range of layouts. If you plan on creating multiple websites, the Pro version is the right choice. It enables elaborate animations and you can save widgets as templates.

Pros Cons
Plenty of layout options Use for multiple pages incurs additional costs
Easy to use  
Frontend editing in real time  

WP Page Builder

The free WP Page Builder is easy enough to use for beginners and eases the process of creating appealing and functional pages. Users can select from an extensive range of layout builders and live-edit in the frontend to track their changes. Add-ons are helpful and free of charge. Elements can be hidden or deactivated if they are no longer required. For professionals, the paid version includes licenses for multiple pages. The free option is sufficient for smaller websites and projects.

Pros Cons
Plenty of layout options  
Live-editing in frontend  
Various add-ons  

Beaver Builder

The Beaver Builder focuses on page performance and that’s precisely where it succeeds. This WordPress page builder is a top choice when it comes to responsive design, as it achieves excellent results across all devices. The builder has numerous different functions, which make it an interesting option for experts. Live changes in the frontend speed up performance. Beaver Builder also performs well in conjunction with WooCommerce. The standard version is free and well-equipped. For more options and to build multiple websites, various paid subscriptions with additional features are available.

Pros Cons
Great performance Not well-suited for beginners
Good, responsive design  
Live changes in frontend  
Works well with WooCommerce  
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The Divi Builder by elegant themes is aimed at professionals too. With over 40 design modules and numerous layouts on offer nothing stands in the way of a unique and well-tailored website. If you enjoy testing different options, Divi is a good choice and lets you access previous edits. However, extensive changes can take a little longer with this WordPress page builder. In addition, it relies on short codes which renders your website pretty much dependent on Divi. Deactivation of the plugin affects the website.

Pros Cons
Plenty of layout options Slow when it comes to making more comprehensive changes
Allows access of previous edits Dependent on short codes
Edits can be checked in real time  


If you plan on launching a small online store or want to create a WordPress blog, GeneratePress is a great option that’s also simple to use. Even beginners will find it super easy to create a high-quality website using the theme. There’s little GeneratePress doesn’t offer. Its design is clean and modern. The WordPress builder is entirely sufficient to build a simple website. If you require a bit more functionality, you can purchase the premium version which enables implementation across any number of websites, contains numerous modules and offers impressive speeds.

Pros Cons
Very intuitive and easy to use Drag & Drop only in premium version
Extremely fast  
Modern and stylish  

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Conclusion: the five best WordPress page builders

With a suitable WordPress page builder you can create a website in no time. The best WordPress page builders are fast and functional, but boast a tidy and professional design. However, the WP page builders presented above are suitable for frequent use and when designing multiple web pages or sites. With a Pro version you can personalise individual layouts and reuse individual building blocks. In this way, you can design multiple individual pages in just a few simple steps.


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