How to run a successful company Facebook page

It is without question that a business Facebook page is essential in today’s world. Given the size and importance of the platform, this social media market leader can’t be overlooked when planning marketing strategies. Regardless of the industry or target market, a company Facebook page represents a business and allows direct communication with existing and potential clients. To ensure that expenses are reflected by success, it is crucial to plan the Facebook page meticulously, invest sufficient time into design and maintenance, and learn how to reach potential customers (followers).

Facebook for businesses: strategic planning is key

In order to make your Facebook page successful in the long term, it is not enough to simply create a page, gain ‘likes’ (fans of your page) through competitions, and occasionally post any old article. It takes a well-planned strategy to gradually increase the number of likes and convince potential customers of your offers. By providing your followers with quality content, it’s possible to profit in the long run from increased awareness and a strengthened customer brand loyalty, which can translate to increased revenue. Before starting a business Facebook page, consider the following questions:

  • Which target group(s) am I hoping to reach?
  • How can I make sure the company Facebook page differs from that of the competition?
  • Which goals am I hoping to achieve with a Facebook page? (Branding, increased sales, increased customer satisfaction?)

A Facebook page can only become a positive figurehead for your company’s online presence through comprehensive planning. Due to the high value that social networks like Facebook hold for businesses, it might be worth hiring an online marketing agency to take care of your company Facebook page, particularly if you lack the sufficient capacity or know-how for a long-term commitment to Facebook. These agencies don’t just help with developing a good concept, but can also take control of all posts and general maintenance, if required.

The right presentation and approach

Be aware that a Facebook profile reflects a business’ philosophy. A company Facebook page which gives users a misleading image can stand in the way of success, and even lead to a loss of customers in the long run.

Authenticity plays an important role in the planning, establishment, and general upkeep of a business Facebook page. It is also vital to display factually accurate information on the page and to provide interesting, unique content. In order to achieve this, check out the following tips:

  • Use timeline and profile pictures that underline your corporate design – the outward appearance of your company
  • Offer visitors all important information about your business to make yourself more trustworthy to customers
  • Take the opportunity to customise your Facebook URL (available after 25 likes), to make your business easier to find
  • Mark the page as the official Facebook page for your company
  • Share content in different formats, such as photos, videos, articles, etc.
  • Offer variety in your posts and relate everything back to your firm

The way you handle customers is just as critical as the form and content presented on your company Facebook page. Social networks like Facebook are so attractive for businesses because they facilitate uncomplicated communication with existing and potential customers. Social media is very practical in this regard: customers can leave feedback about specific posts, but also more general feedback about your brand, your products, or your customer service. Moreover, a business Facebook page can act as a primary support point. It’s good to make sure you use the same tone and level of formality across all platforms when interacting with customers and always respond politely and factually to user comments, even negative ones. A regular and generally positive exchange between company and customers on Facebook is a sure-fire way to improve customer happiness and trust.

Post with success

A business Facebook page is not a free advertising wall for displaying exclusively new products. If this is your aim, you can purchase Facebook advertising space that appears separately to your profile.

Instead, post information which offers customers added value. In this regard, a high number of posts is actually less relevant than many people assume: in fact, users tend to react unfavorably to too many posts. By analysing which posts have the highest reach using the built-in Insights and Publishing Tools section, companies can start to find their exact target market, and optimize types and timings of posts. When writing your posts, remember that you are writing for your customers, not yourself. For this reason, you should consider the comprehensibility of your texts and choose an optimal time to publish, based on the time zone that your target audience lives in. Include occasional posts explaining any developments in your company, and take the opportunity to wish your fans happy holidays. Featuring exclusive competitions, discount offers, and surveys give a business Facebook page additional appeal and relevance, so long as these are not overdone.

The following things should be avoided:

  • Spelling errors and grammatical mistakes
  • Automated text
  • Lengthy, wordy posts
  • Untested link attachments
  • Multiple links per post
  • Use of copyrighted images

Facebook for businesses: worth the effort

Creating a business Facebook page isn’t child’s play. However, it is an effective marketing tool – either independently or with the help of an agency. There is an enormous number of potential customers on Facebook and the market leader in social media facilitates direct communication between companies and these potential customers. However, patience is required to build up a successful Facebook page. It is important to pay less attention to the number of likes on the page, as this tends to grow very slowly, and focus instead on high-quality posts that increase reach across the network. By following these guidelines, a company Facebook page can be very successful.

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