What is the most secure cloud storage?

The most secure cloud storage systems are characterised above all by advanced threat detection, end-to-end encryption, and a secure log-in system (such as two factor authentication). Among the top 3 most secure cloud storage are: IONOS HiDrive, the sync.com online storage and pCloud.

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The GDPR is an EU regulation, but after Brexit the UK introduced its own version of the same regulation, known as the UK GDPR. So, if you’re looking for a cloud provider, consider choosing a cloud storage provider with a server location with good data protection laws such as the UK, Germany, or Canada. This is because you can be sure that these providers take privacy and data security very seriously.

The top 3 safest cloud storage services

To find out which cloud storage is the most secure, it is worth looking at the server locations and other features.


Server locations



- ISO 27001 certified

- Two-factor authentication

- End-to-end encryption on demand


- App

- Git connection

- Automatic synchronisation

- Facilitation of teamwork


- End-to-end encryption

- Free zero-knowledge encryption


- HIPAA compliant

- Automatic synchronisation


- Two-factor authentication

- Zero knowledge encryption

USA, Luxemburg

- pCloud Crypto allows scalable encryption

- Password protect some files

Who has the best cloud storage security? Providers in detail

HiDrive Cloud Storage

IONOS HiDrive Cloud Storage is a secure online storage that offers you flexible access to your data. Besides a smartphone app, the direct use of Git is supported.

This cloud storage solution is also an excellent choice when it comes to security. ISO 27001-certified server locations in Germany ensure that your personal data is protected according to strict German data protection guidelines. With the help of two-factor authentication, login is also secure. End-to-end encryption is also available on request, allowing you to encrypt your data with ease.

Sync.com Online Cloud Storage

An online cloud service that places a lot of emphasis on security and privacy is sync.com. This provider is easy to use and has lots of features, including zero-knowledge encryption meaning that even sync.com cannot access your data. This zero-knowledge encryption is part of their free service, too. Additionally, the servers are in Canada, which has excellent data security laws.

Sync.com also has excellent encryption protocols. It offers end-to-end encryption for links, and SSL encryption for links whilst they’re in transit. Sync.com also offers two factor authentication, which adds that extra step of security.


pCloud is another excellent option for the safest cloud storage out there. It has a dazzling range of features, but do note that some, such as zero-knowledge encryption, come at an additional cost. pCloud’s extra encryption options are excellent and scalable though, so this isn’t a ground for dismissing the service.

You can choose whether to store your files on either U.S. or Luxembourgian servers depending on your preference, although bear in mind that this is set during registration.

Why is security an important factor in cloud storage?

Many users upload personal data to a cloud storage system. This often includes sensitive data such as photos or documents that should not fall into the hands of third parties. However, this is precisely the problem with many cloud providers. The data uploaded to the cloud is often unencrypted and can be vulnerable in attacks by hackers. Sadly, some cloud providers do not place great importance on data protection. This can be the case if data protection laws in the country a server is located in are lacking.

Security issues in cloud storage are also problematic in a corporate context. When data from customers is uploaded to cloud-based storage solutions, a high level of security regarding data protection is essential for good customer relations.

The security shortcomings of clouds briefly

The security of your data depends on using a cloud service securely, and on which cloud service provider you choose.

Data encryption

It is difficult to find out how and whether most cloud providers encrypt your data in their cloud. Only a few cloud service providers offer end-to-end encryption or zero-knowledge encryption. If your data is not encrypted, it makes an easy target for attackers who have gained access to the cloud service’s data centres. It may therefore be worthwhile to encrypt your data yourself and only upload it to the cloud in this state.

Weak data protection laws for some servers

Sometimes data can be accessed even when stored securely depending on the data laws of the country a cloud’s server is based in. Europe has good data protection laws, thanks to the GDPR. Canada also maintains high standards when it comes to online data protection. Choosing a cloud service that has secure server locations makes a difference!

What makes some Cloud services especially secure?

With the most secure clouds, the server locations make a difference. Servers in Europe and Canada are particularly secure. In addition, an ISO 27001 certification can guarantee you a high security standard in the data center and your data is therefore protected against attacks in the best possible way.

There are also providers that offer two-factor-authentication so that you need a regularly refreshed code in addition to a password to access your cloud. This increases the security of the login process. For extra security of your data, cloud service providers sometimes even offer end-to-end encryption of your data. This is an effective protection, especially against attacks from outside: Hackers would then not only have to bypass the protective mechanisms of the data centre, but also decrypt your data.

Is Private Cloud the most secure online storage?

A particularly high level of protection against all security risks is provided by your own private cloud. This not only has the advantage that you alone can access and manage your data. The risk of external attacks is also minimal compared to conventional cloud services, as an attack on a cloud solution used by thousands of users is much more likely to be worthwhile.

For companies and businesses in particular, a private cloud will be the most secure cloud storage available. With the help of configurable firewall management, the security settings within the cloud can be adapted to the requirements of the company in the best possible way.


If you are considering a private cloud solution, it is worth looking at the IONOS Private Cloud. You can fully customise the cloud to your needs and individually configure both the processor performance and the memory.

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