Nextcloud apps: The top ten for desktop and smartphone

There are many different Nextcloud apps for different areas of use. With the right selection, you can optimise your cloud and work even more effectively. The ten best Nextcloud apps include tools for everyday work and organisational tools for use in private environments.

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What is Nextcloud and what are the benefits of the software?

Nextcloud is an open-source software that provides viable, user-friendly, and very secure cloud solutions for businesses and individuals. You can access your own data in the cloud either via a web interface or various apps. The local directories are automatically synchronised on the servers. The result of such a system is a secure platform that can be accessed and managed from different devices.

Nextcloud is much more than a simple storage system. With the help of various Nextcloud apps, you can optimise the software and use it for numerous tasks. Here we present the ten most important Nextcloud apps.


Your personal cloud storage: with managed cloud hosting from IONOS, you not only get complete data sovereignty, but you can also add apps and tools to your storage as you see fit.


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OnlyOffice is an excellent office app for Nextcloud and should therefore be a staple for most users. All text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms are supported and can be edited with the free app. Unlike other comparable Nextcloud apps, OnlyOffice is compatible with Microsoft Office and also offers the option to work on a document with multiple users at the same time. A real-time chat function is also included and is intended to optimise collaborative work. The Nextcloud app can be used on a desktop or smartphone and can be extended with various add-on modules if required. This makes OnlyOffice the ideal Microsoft Office alternative.


Reader is the ideal app for long reads and informative non-fiction. It is suitable for reading e-books and supports Epub, PDF, CBR, and CBZ file formats, which are primarily used for comics and graphic novels. Reader is one of the most user-friendly Nextcloud apps and allows switching between single-page and double-page views with ease. Fonts and colours can be selected and customised, and the app also has a night mode. In addition, Reader saves the current progress and thus allows readers to start directly on the last page they read. This is a great advantage, especially when used on the go.

Nextcloud Deck

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Nextcloud Deck is an ideal organisational tool that can also be used offline and offers the possibility to create multiple user accounts. The app is based on the Kanban board principle and provides an optimal overview of tasks, intermediate statuses, deadlines, and open questions. Especially for working on larger projects, Deck is one of the best Nextcloud apps. Using it on a smartphone or desktop is pleasantly intuitive, and the entire layout is very clear and tidy. A real-time comment function allows all team members to exchange information directly with each other. Attachments can also be added via Deck.


Book your personal cloud solution: At IONOS, you can host Nextcloud yourself and benefit from our expert service and numerous security features. Which apps you choose to use for this is entirely up to you.


Passwords is a handy password manager that allows you to manage all the credentials for other Nextcloud apps, websites, providers, or devices. As befits such an app, Passwords puts a lot of emphasis on security, so your data remains well protected at all times. The layout is very modern and simple and allows for a good organisation of the different passwords. New credentials can be added easily, and importing and exporting is also possible without any problems. Thus, Passwords makes it easier to work with Nextcloud apps and ensures that all passwords are always up to date.

Nextcloud Talk

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Nextcloud Talk is a convenient and user-friendly way to make video and audio calls from your smartphone. A simple chat function is also included. The smartphone informs about incoming calls. In addition, it is possible to hold conferences with multiple participants or share one’s screen with other conversation partners. Nextcloud Talk also protects metadata from being lost, making it particularly secure even compared to other providers of video conferencing software. The Nextcloud app runs equally well on Android and iOS.


GDPR-compliant teamwork with IONOS: Managed Nextcloud by IONOS Cloud not only offers you complete data sovereignty, but also scores points with its green data centres. Choose from four different packages and find the right one for your purposes!


Among other things, Cookbook shows that Nextcloud apps are not only excellent for everyday work. This tool allows you to save your own and other people’s recipes, edit them online, and sort them. The layout is very clear and modern. Valuable additional information allows you to categorise the different instructions and filter them by ingredients, so that you have exactly the right dish at hand for every need. This Nextcloud app is also suitable for iOS and Android.

Nextcloud Calendar for Android and iOS

A very important and particularly useful tool is the Nextcloud Calendar for Android and iOS. The calendar app is based on Nextcloud’s CalDAV server and allows you to connect with numerous other programs. You can sync different events with the app from different devices and edit them online. Simple reminders and invitations can also be created with Calendar. The app is very clear and doesn’t contain any unnecessary extras. As an organisational tool, it stands out due to its high reliability and ease of use.


News is a very simple and extremely useful app. It ensures that you stay up to date with all the news and changes related to Nextcloud and its apps. News can be synced with apps like CloudNews, Fiery Feeds, Newsout, OCReader, or RSS Guard and acts as an RSS/Atom feed reader for Nextcloud. The app is suitable for desktop PCs as well as smartphones. The structure is very reduced and therefore easy to follow. So you will not miss any current discussions in the open source community.


A secure storage for all your data: The HiDrive Cloud Storage from IONOS is GDPR compliant and ISO certified. Benefit from maximum flexibility and choose the right one from four pricing models.


OpenTasks is one of the most useful apps at Nextcloud for professional and private use alike. Appointments and tasks can be clearly noted and synchronised with the app. OpenTasks offers various setting options and additional options and impresses with an intuitive interface. If you want to use the Nextcloud app with Android, you also need DAVx5. This additional app ensures that the operating system supports the CalDAV and CardDAV protocols.

Nextcloud Notes

Nextcloud Notes is the ideal companion if you want to sketch and capture ideas on the go. You can create, edit, and share notes with the app. This makes it a worthwhile a href="t3://page?uid=1614">OneNote alternative. Nextcloud Notes offers various format options and impresses with a very reduced structure. Your notes are immediately synchronised with Nextcloud and are therefore available to you at any time. The app is open source and available for Android and iOS.


In the Digital Guide, there are even more valuable tips on the topic of Nextcloud. Here you will learn, for example, how to install or read Nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi and who fares best in the ownCloud vs. Nextcloud comparison. In addition, you will find the best collaboration tools and a great cloud storage comparison.

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