How to optimise your website with AI SEO

Using artificial intelligence can save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to search engine optimisation. Whether it’s metadata, content, finding topics or conducting analysis, with the right AI SEO tools, there are no limits to the success of your web project.

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What is AI SEO?

AI SEO is search engine optimisation based on artificial intelligence. This specifically refers to all AI-supported measures that are used to improve your website’s ranking in the search results. AI has the ability to optimally capture and understand user behaviour and what users want, and this is extremely useful. The various AI SEO tools that are available can help you improve your SEO strategy by tailoring your sites to your target audience in a more effective manner.


AI and SEO have been closely linked for years so it’s no surprise that artificial intelligence has become indispensable for search engine algorithms. Google’s analytics AI bot RankBrain is the most prominent example of this. This is why it not only makes sense to take advantage of AI SEO tools when designing your own SEO strategy, but it’s also equally important to try to understand the artificial intelligence used by search engines.

How can AI SEO be used for website optimisation?

AI can enrich and improve your SEO strategy in many ways. The first thing it can do is uncover existing potential. For your website to be a success, you should regularly publish exciting and interesting content with the help of an effective keyword strategy. AI SEO tools can help you with this task and show you which keywords and topics you may have overlooked. AI SEO is also often used for coming up with link building suggestions.

Other ways that AI SEO tools can be used for website optimisation include:

  • Content creation: Do you have the right topics and keywords? AI SEO, especially generative AI, can also help you with content creation, whether it’s creating SEO texts with AI text generators, creating and editing videos (including subtitles or transcripts), or generating and editing SEO images and graphics.
  • Optimising content: Is your website already full of content? Consider further tailoring your content to potential users by using AI SEO. AI SEO tools can determine the perfect text length, evaluate the readability of your texts and help you optimise metadata.
  • Optimising voice search: The majority of all search queries are processed via mobile devices. Querying information via voice search is becoming increasingly important and so is voice search optimisation. This is precisely where AI SEO comes in. It can help you to prepare your content in such a way that it is also relevant for voice-enabled searches.
  • Improving user experience: User experience design is one of the most important modern SEO disciplines. AI SEO tools provide you with valuable insights and tips on how to optimise aspects such as page structure, navigation, mobile-friendliness and loading speed for the long term.
  • Automating SEO measures: How well is your SEO strategy working? Which content performs well, which performs poorly? Are there problems with duplicate content? AI SEO takes care of daily search engine optimisation tasks and provides solutions to automate a variety of steps.

The Helpful Content Update was one of the most important Google updates in recent years. Google revised the guidelines to include AI-generated content because when the update first came out in August 2022, the Content Update page still included a passage that emphasised that high-quality, helpful content was created ‘by people, for people’. In addition, Google Search published guidance about AI-generated content.

The best AI SEO tools at a glance

Search engine optimisation encompasses a wide range of activities. There are also numerous AI SEO tools that can support you with various tasks. In the following sections, we list some of the best solutions that use AI.


Frase is a powerful tool for keyword research and optimising content for search engines. The AI SEO solution can be used to obtain input for new content. In order to do this, Frase analyses the top search results and creates complete briefings based on this. The software also provides the option to analyse existing texts. You then receive suggestions on topics and unused keyword potential.

Frase website / Source:

Frase also has its own AI text generator. You can use this not only to create suitable headings, but also to complete texts if necessary. You can even have the AI SEO tool create instructions for content design based on headings.

For one dollar (around £0.80), you can test Frase for five days, after which a paid subscription is required. The Solo plan for $14.99 (around £12.00) is limited to four SEO articles per month. If you opt for the Team plan for $114.99 (around £90.00), you can optimise an unlimited number of articles.

Advantages Disadvantages
Keyword tool and text generator in one High monthly costs
Supports the entire creative process Limited to 1 or 3 users

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ChatGPT is probably the best-known AI SEO tool for creating texts and code. Although its use requires some knowledge of prompt engineering, once you know which instructions work best for the tool, there are virtually no limits. With ‘one-click prompts’, ChatGPT also offers hundreds of predefined commands and the option of saving your own instructions.

To get started with prompt engineering, it’s worth taking a look at the one-click prompts from ChatGPT.

ChatGPT’s AI SEO options are by no means limited to creating SEO-optimised texts for your website. Structured data or metadata, such as titles and descriptions, can also be created with the AI SEO tool. Thanks to its huge database, ChatGPT is also an excellent means for researching new topics and content formats.

While you can use ChatGPT free of charge, the version that you will be using is an older version of the program. If you want to work with the latest data and features, you’ll need to upgrade to the Plus plan, which costs £16 per month. However, due to the high demand, you will have to join a waiting list. Companies can contact support for a customised ChatGPT Enterprise solution.

Advantages Disadvantages
Huge, constantly growing database Texts are not very unique
Free to use Often very slow due to high traffic

Ahrefs Free AI Writing Tools

The Singapore-based software company Ahrefs has launched a range of AI SEO tools with its collection of free AI writing tools. Among other things, you can use the free web-based programs to reword sentences or write summaries. However, the tools for creating metadata and transcripts are particularly interesting for AI SEO.

With Ahrefs’ AI title generator, you can specify which style should be used for the title. / Source:

For example, you can use the title generator and the meta description generator to generate search engine optimised metadata for your content. To do this, simply enter the topic or focus keyword. Meanwhile, you can use the image alt text generator to generate alt text suggestions for images and graphics. The video script generator creates transcripts for your YouTube, TikTok or Instagram videos in no time at all.

The AI SEO tools from Ahrefs are free to use. However, in most cases, the texts that it generates are not very unique. That’s why it’s best to use the results as a source of inspiration instead.

Advantages Disadvantages
Free Many results lack individuality
Variety of practical AI SEO tools


MarketMuse is an AI SEO tool that focuses on planning and optimising your content. The tool starts by analysing which topics are most important for your website and generates a comprehensive content plan based on the findings, including topic clusters and market analysis. This enables you to see at a glance what’s missing and which steps you should prioritise next.

MarketMuse website screenshot / Source:

MarketMuse also prepares and organises your content for you. The AI tool provides a sorted list of keywords and creates initial drafts for briefings that your writers can then use to create content that is optimised for search engines. In addition, the AI SEO solution provides suggestions on how to improve existing articles so that your content remains up to date and provides added value at all times.

The one-week trial lets you become familiar with MarketMuse and its benefits. After that, the AI SEO suite has to be paid for and it doesn’t come cheap. The cheapest Standard plan (1 user, 100 queries) costs $149 (around £120) per month.

Advantages Disadvantages
Assists throughout entire content creation process Very expensive
Combines research and analysis of keywords and topics Cannot be integrated into CMS or store systems

Market Brew

The AI SEO software from Market Brew gives you the ability to test your SEO efforts at any time and with pinpoint accuracy. You can use the tool to create your own search engine, which you can then use as a test for your own website. Market Brew uses machine learning for this purpose and constantly integrates new algorithms to stay one step ahead of actual search engines.

Market Brew website / Source:

Market Brew has classic A/B testing so you can make SEO adjustments. The AI SEO tool not only tells you which variant is better, but also shows you a wide range of optimisation potential. Among other things, you will receive information on internal and external links, structured data and keywords as well as the authority level and uniqueness of your website.

You have to pay to conduct AI SEO testing with the Market Brew platform. The solution is individually tailored to your needs, which is why there are no specific prices or plans. Those that are interested can contact the Market Brew team to test and purchase the tool.

Advantages Disadvantages
SEO tests in real time Price only available on request
One step ahead of live search engines

Comparison of AI SEO solutions

AI SEO features Level of difficulty Target group Cost
Frase Keyword research, content creation, content optimisation Medium Company ££
ChatGPT Content creation, metadata creation Medium Self-employed, company, enterprise £
Ahrefs’ free AI tools Content creation, metadata creation, alt text and transcript creation Low Self-employed -
MarketMuse Content planning, content optimisation High Enterprise £££
Market Brew SEO testing High Company, enterprise £££
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