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Why use a WordPress management tool?

If you manage several WordPress websites, you'd know the situation well: you want to develop, but first you need to update several themes and plugins. Or perhaps you want to optimise your websites for search engines and increase your page speed, but first need to create backups.

With our partner, InfiniteWP, taking care of these routine tasks for your clients' websites is as simple as just a few clicks, giving you more time to focus on what really matters. Discover InfiniteWP now and enjoy a discount through IONOS.

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The advantages of InfiniteWP

6 good reasons why InfiniteWP dramatically simplifies your client relations.

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Admin access & updates

With InfiniteWP, updates are done in a single click. No more sifting through username and password lists. Themes and plugins are always up to date.

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Backup & recovery

Back up any of your managed WordPress sites with just a few clicks. With the restore function, you can easily revert to the state before your last update. If required, you can also archive your backups using one of the popular cloud storage services.

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Install, migrate & stage

Simple deployments: select the path and database, and the reinstallation starts with a single click. When cloning and migrating a site, the links are automatically adjusted. Before importing updates into your live system, you can test them in an independent staging environment.

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Protection from hackers and malware

With just a glance at the overview, you can see if a security breach has occurred. You can also set the intervals at which your websites are scanned for malware.

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Availability monitor

Don't lose sleep worrying about the availability of your web projects: with the help of the availability monitor, you can define rules to determine how and when InfiniteWP notifies you about faults in your projects. This way, you can react rapidly.

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Client reports

Transparency in your customer service processes builds more trust. With that in mind, you can send your clients regular status updates on the monthly work you undertake on their system. With ready-made templates, your reports will clearly and professionally show what you have achieved.

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Fast and secure web hosting that always gives you the performance you need. Scale your resources to match your project's requirements and react to spikes in traffic.

Every month, countless agencies and freelancers create websites for their customers and host them with IONOS – Europe's largest hosting provider. In addition to fast deployment and ease of setup, scalable performance levels are highly valued, allowing additional resources to be added and subtracted at any time. This way, our customers only pay for what they really need.

InfiniteWP – FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the topic

InfiniteWP provides you with an admin interface that allows you to access and manage hundreds of WordPress projects from a single login. With IONOS Managed WordPress, on the other hand, you benefit from the fact that we handle the technical management of your WordPress blog. We take care of all server and security issues, so you can devote all your time to designing and managing the content of your website. As such, each service addresses different needs and use cases:

  • InfiniteWP is suitable for freelancers and agencies who need to keep track of hundreds of different WordPress projects. Admins can install and update plug-ins for all their WordPress pages from a single interface, with a single login. Data backups and recovery, as well as scanning for malware, are also managed centrally via the InfinteWP interface.
  • Managed WordPress from IONOS appeals above all to private users who are looking for an uncomplicated and secure entry into the world of our WordPress hosting. Enjoy an intuitive installation process and maximum convenience thanks to the Click&Build feature, as well as our 24-hour support.

Absolutely! The InfiniteWP admin panel features an intuitive user interface, with which all features can be accessed in just a few clicks – be it login management for multiple projects, or scanning all your websites for malware.For example, if you want to install updates for the plug-ins and themes of all your WordPress projects, simply select all relevant websites in the update list and click the "Update All Sites" button. The update will then start for all sites. If you want to check the functionality of the updates first, a secure test environment is available. After successful testing, you can make the updates live.

Backing up your websites is even easier using the admin panel of InfiniteWP. You can either manually create a backup for several pages at the same time, with only a few clicks, or you can define intervals for automatic backups - then you never have to worry about website backups again.

Yes, InfiniteWP allows you to manage all your WordPress instances simultaneously. If you want to create a new WordPress project and add it to your management panel, all you have to do is enter the FTP and database details along with the admin data in the dashboard – done! In addition, you can clone and migrate existing pages quickly and easily.

If you want to access the useful premium features of InfiniteWP, you need a subscription. There are three rates to choose from: the highest package, "Agency", is for agencies and includes unlimited projects, all premium features and priority email support from InfiniteWP developers. The second highest rate is "Freelancer", which promises one-day email support and up to 50 projects. The "Developer" plan is perfect for independent developers with support within 1-3 days and up to 20 projects, while the smallest plan, "Starter", includes all premium features for up to 10 projects and email support within 1-3 days.

Tip: If you choose InfiniteWP from IONOS, you will receive an attractive discount of 20 percent on your selected plan.

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